The energy of Reiki yoga

The healing power of Reiki yoga lies in its use of the magnetic energy inherent in all things. The healer has the ability to channel the energy through the receiver of the energy and transform it with the purifying all pervading force. It is a natural instinctive healing innate in everyone’s ability. It works by curing the cause of the problem, and according to Reiki, an illness is the block in the current or flow of energy, for reasons such as wrongful or accidental action which could be spiritual, psychological or physical.

energy of Reiki yoga

Reiki yoga is one of many spiritual healing practices and it is based on the concept that there is an unlimited energy resource in the universe. This power is a spiritual life force that becomes apparent with greater awareness and spiritual perception. The skill of using this energy can be attained by anyone and be directed to many positive causes, not limited to healing.

Origins of Reiki

The healing art is said to have originated in Tibet. Holy men such as Buddha and Jesus knew this sacred healing technique. In the mid 1800s, Mikao Usui was a principal of the Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan and wanted to learn this ancient practice. He found the answers from Buddhist monks, when he himself became one. He learned the ancient healing symbols and began to heal people, creating other reiki yoga masters and spreading reiki. In order to learn reiki yoga one must receive an attunement from a master; which is a kind of tuning or plugging into the natural energy source.

Techniques of Reiki Levels

There are three levels of Reiki, each one requiring at least one attunement. The first level teaches the ability to heal oneself, level II teaches to heal others as well as by distance healing through mental use of symbols, and applying energy. The third level gives the teacher the power of giving attunements by receiving a final attunement that makes one a reiki yoga master. In her book: “Essential Reiki,” Diane Stein reveals the techniques of learning Reiki. She also includes the information on how Reiki reflects and abides by Buddhist principles, and uses systems such as chakras, visualizations, karmic healing and meditation.

Reiki yoga

Reiki yoga heals through hands but uses the energy passing through the whole person. It is possible to cleanse almost every problem, as well as eliminate pain. The energy can be felt as heat and can sometimes be sensed or seen as a form of radiation or light. When a healing is done the receiver feels sensations ranging from dizziness to noxiousness, and full revitalizing pain relief. A person may also experience memory insight, emotional and mental inspiration as energy balances and restores stability.

The Spiritual Channeling

Diane Stein has worked on and treated every kind of illness from headache to AIDS and the effectiveness of the treatment is evident in many successful results. The aim of the book is to spread the knowledge of Reiki, and give people the ability to heal themselves. She believes that this power to heal should be available to everyone. Because of the revitalizing power behind Reiki, the method is harm proof. Its energy is the life force energy or universal love.

Rei means spirit or supernatural, Ki stands for life force and is as light and the bio magnetic energy of the aura that everything alive radiates. In a way Reiki and spiritual healing is a form of spiritual channeling of energy. There are many methods of energy healing, and Reiki although different from the ancient way of healing, is still original in its essential principles.

Healing as an Ancient Art

Reiki is a Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy, says Dominic Trew as he begins the first day of the First Degree Reiki Course. It is a two day course that he conducts in an Adult Learning College. Reiki is taught all over the world, by thousands of different Rieki yoga masters. The technique of healing through Reiki is attained through a process of attunements or initiations by a Reiki Master.

The History of Reiki

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The secrets of Reiki were unlocked by Dr Mikao Usui, dean of a small Christian university in Kyoto, Japan in the mid 1800s. His students were curious why there aren’t many healers in the world. He was unable to answer his student’s questions; he resigned his job and began a search for answers. He went to Chicago and completed a doctoral thesis on the scriptures of the Christian bible while trying to uncover the secrets of how Jesus and his disciples healed the sick. With no answers there, he turned to the Buddhist tradition, visiting Buddhist monasteries in Japan, searching for the records of Buddha’s healing of the body. He studied the Sutras in Japanese, Chinese and Sanskrit. After seven years he found the formula of how Jesus Christ and the Buddha healed in the Tibetan scrolls hidden in the Himalayas.

Initiation on a Mountain Top

The knowledge was not enough on its own, so he went to a sacred mountain, Mount Kuri Yama, and fasted and meditated for twenty one days. On the dawn of the twenty first day a flicker of light, from the sky, hit him in the forehead producing colored bubbles in which Sanskrit characters of gold appeared separately and long enough for him to register in his conscious mind. On the way down the mountain he stubbed his toe and then instinctively held it and was amazed to find it completely healed in a short time. He then had opportunities to lay his hands on other people to find that they healed as well.

The Tradition of Reiki

So began the tradition of Reiki healing, which has passed on through Dr Chujiro Hiyashi and then to Mrs. Hawayo Takata who carried the tradition to Hawaii.

Reiki is now represented by the American

International Reiki Association founded by Dr Barbara Ray and the Reiki Alliance founded in 1981 by Phyllis Furumoto, the grand daughter of Mrs. Takata. There are many variations of teaching and emphases on different uses vary between the Alliance, the Independent and Radiance schools and from Reiki Master to Reiki Master. But there is only one Reiki that does not change.

Reiki is the Flow of Energy

Reiki is the flow of energy, drawn through the Practioner’s hands and passed through to the parts of the recipient body that needs the energy for healing. The energy can be felt as heat, cold, magnetic pull or push or nothing may be felt at all. Research work at Stanford University has been able to measure the energy flow, and verified the Reiki energy in the crown of the head and palms of the hands.

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