How to give lifeless hair some excitement – at home

Lifeless hair can be a real drain. Not only can it pose problems when it comes to finding styling options, but it can also have an effect on your self-confidence. And the real killer? Heading out to a salon to get it fixed can cost lots of money – and there’s no guarantee that your new hairdo will remain in place. Luckily, there’s a solution at hand: home hair treatments. Whether you’re preparing for a big event such as a wedding or you’re simply hoping to have a good hair day when you step out of the door, there are plenty of reasons to follow these tips and give yourself the luscious, buoyant hair that you deserve.

supplements How to give lifeless hair some excitement – at home

Trust in supplements

Any walk down the hair section of a drugstore will reveal that there are supplements galore on offer these days. If you’re suffering from lifeless hair, then it can sometimes feel tempting to walk on past these many supplements, especially if you feel overwhelmed by the range of choice. However, there are some ways to cut through the noise and get the treatment you need.

The first thing to be aware of when searching for supplements is that serums are vital. Serums help to reflect light, meaning that your hair will appear shinier. If you live in a climate where there’s lots of humidity, meanwhile, then you’re likely to find that serums are just what you need to defend your locks. If you need tips on how to go about applying serum-based products, meanwhile, then the Viabrance community is a great way to get the info you need online without having to head to a costly salon.

hair mask How to give lifeless hair some excitement – at home

Consider a hair mask

As well as supplements in bottles and jars, there’s also a whole world of other accessory and product types to think about when it comes to rejuvenating some lifeless hair. The primary one to consider here is the humble hair mask, as this device is often infused with amino acids, fatty acids and more. The power here comes not just from the nutrients, though these are important, but also from the moisture, which can do wonders for your hair if it’s looking and feeling a little devoid of life. If you’re worried about cost, then you can even create your own using items that you most likely have lying around in your kitchen. It’s best to use foodstuffs that have fatty acids in them, such as avocados.

A wider lifestyle shift How to give lifeless hair some excitement – at home

A wider lifestyle shift

There are plenty of excellent choices out there when it comes to giving your hair the supplements and products it needs to become infused with life again. However, it’s also wise to look at your lifestyle and consider how you may be unwittingly contributing to poor hair health through what you’re consuming on a daily basis. The first place to begin when carrying out a hair health audit like this is your food and drink intake. When it comes to food, it’s known that there are particular foodstuffs that can stimulate hair growth when consumed as part of a balanced diet. Eggs are a particularly good option, as they come with a pair of nutrients – biotin and protein – that are important for ensuring that hair can grow. Berries, meanwhile, are also hair-friendly, as are healthy snacks such as seeds and nuts.

It’s also important to be sure that you’re getting the hydration you need. Drinking lots of water can have beneficial effects when it comes to your hair, especially when it comes to stimulating those all-important follicles: believe it or not, a quarter of each strand of your hair is composed of water! While there is, of course, no requirement to give up alcohol altogether, there’s a noted link between drinking and hair problems: alcohol can dehydrate you quickly, meaning that the water your follicles need is even more scarce. While there’s often no need to totally overhaul your fluid intake habits, then, being more mindful about what you consume and when you consume it is a good way to give your hair health the boost it needs.

Looking after your hair is a very important part of maintaining your personal appearance, and it’s important to remember that you still have the right to do this even if your hair is not quite as life-infused as you’d like it to be. From investing in products and supplements to making significant lifestyle changes, there are lots of ways to achieve this goal.

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