How to keep skin looking young

Every week, there’s a new skincare product promising younger-looking skin and some kind of anti-aging miracle. Most of it isn’t true. The reality of life and aging is that skin will age with time, lose elasticity and wrinkle, but there are simple ways to keep it looking fresh and classic without spending money on every new trend.

How to Keep Skin Looking Young

Continuity is Key

Rather than trying out every new skincare product on the market, it’s better for your skin to stick with what works for it over time. That way, you get into a routine and won’t abandon your skin from time to time, as is wont to happen.

Most women need a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser, an exfoliating cleanser for use once a week, a light fragrance-free moisturizer with sunscreen and a high-quality fragrance-free eye cream. The rest is just detail.

Use the gentle cleanser once each day, because doing it twice can irritate the skin, and then moisturize afterward. In colder, drier months, you may want to moisturize twice a day but only wash once. Eye cream goes on at night, and will sink in and prevent undereye bags from giving away that age of yours.

If you stick to a basic, yet effective, skin treatment like this each day, it’ll be easy to always remember that sunscreen (the sun is the biggest cause of wrinkles and sun spots). If you do it every day and start early (that means you, teenagers), you’ll be in great shape and free of sun damage even into your elderly years.

Take Care of All of You

Women mix up taking care of their skin with taking care of their entire self, but it’s just as important to skin. Skin will hold its elasticity longer if you always keep yourself properly fed with nutritional food and lots of nutrients and vitamins, and hydration is key. When skin becomes dehydrated, it can cause any number of damages, but mostly slacken the skin and make it look old and worn. Drink lots of water, don’t overindulge in alcohol and eat healthy foods.

Skin Looking Young

Smoking is an absolute no-no for any woman who wants to make it into even her 40s without awful crow’s feet and major wrinkles. The smoke and chemicals that come from cigarettes soak into skin, dehydrating it and killing cells on the surface.

Finally, make sure to exercise. It encourages circulation, which means that your face will look flushed and keep itself regenerating skin cells. You’ll not only feel better, but you’ll look better too.

Embrace Change

Many women fight the change that happens in their skin over time, but if you’re treating your skin well all the time, there’s not a whole lot else you can do to keep yourself looking young. But remember that wrinkles and age are signs of a life well-lived and of wisdom gained. Before the youth-focused culture that exists now, there was a respect for older women because of the experience they had garnered, and their white hair and softly wrinkled skin was a sign of that, and thus revered.

If you’ve lived your life well, then you’ll start to get laugh lines and gray hairs, but don’t sweat it. Just take good care of yourself and prepare to continue living life to the fullest.

How to Maintain Beautiful Skin with Nutrition and Self-Care

Although skin is the largest, and most significant organ, on our body, many don’t pay any attention to it until it’s too late. Poor nutrition, sun tanning, smoking, dehydration and lack of sleep all take their toll on the skin. While genetics play a key role in the maintenance of youthful skin, extrinsic factors come into play too. Changing daily habits will improve the appearance and health of one’s skin for life.

Skin and Nutrition

If one lives on junk food, one’s skin will show it. By the time one is in one’s thirties, skin may be dull, still pimply, yet lined from dehydration and vitamin depletion. Skin, like the rest of the body, thrives on healthy food. The main vitamins skin requires are A, C and E. If one eats a wide range of vegetables, especially green and leafy ones, as well as citrus fruits, these vitamins will be easily obtained. Some can also be found in milk products, nuts and liver.

Additionally, skin requires biotin, from such foods as rice, bananas and eggs, selenium from grains, garlic and seafood and zinc, primarily found in lean meats and chicken. These nutrients repair tissue, plump up skin cells and protect the skin from sun damage with their anti-oxident properties. Try to eat them organically. Always drink eight glasses plus of water a day. Only drink pop, alcohol and caffeine in moderation.

Skin and Self Care

Along with nutrition, other lifestyle habits can help one keep healthy, vibrant skin for life. Much skin damage is caused early on, in adolescence or one’s twenties, by damaging behaviors. The signs of this skin neglect only show up later, in one’s thirties or forties. Even then, if one changes former habits, skin condition will be improved without resorting to surgery.

Staying out of the sun

How to Skin

is paramount. Especially now with the thinning ozone layer, skin damage happens earlier at a deeper level. Always wear a moisturizing sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Don a hat and long sleeved shirt. Stay away from the sun between 11 am and 4 pm. Don’t use tanning beds. Prevent skin cancer along with the age spots and wrinkles associated with tanning.

Stop smoking

if you’ve started. Smoking depletes the skin and deprives it of vitamins. By one’s thirties, smokers will often present with mouth lines and eye creases. Even second hand smoke can damage the surface of one’s skin and diminish its healthy glow.

Exercise regularly

When one increases the blood flow to one’s skin with aerobics, cycling, swimming or any other impact activity, the appearance of skin improves. Cells plump up, the production of natural skin oils rises, and one develops that healthy flush of youth.

Get enough sleep

Without proper rest, bags appear under the eyes, skin takes on a grey or yellowish cast and lines deepen. Try for eight to nine hours a night. Use a humidifier if you live in a dry climate. Not only will it create white noise, which may help sleep deepen, but it will rehydrate skin while you sleep.

Take good care of the body’s largest organ to enjoy gorgeous, glowing skin at any age!

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