Important Information about Medicare Card

Important Information about Medicare Card

The new Medicare card is made up of paper and not of plastic and will still be white with blue, red and black print. The Medicare card will be mailed to the user and for it; an updated mail address of the user is required. For accessing the public health services, the Medicare card is required. The cards are issued to those people who are enrolled in Medicare. The card is issued to the person of 15 yrs. of age or older. The children under 15 yrs. of age will be listed on their parent’s cards. The Medicare card shows the validity that the person having the Medicare card will be surely having their Medical Health Insurance. The Medicare Health Insurance covers two types of insurances mainly, which includes the following:

Types of Medicare Insurances Important Information about Medicare Card

Types of Medicare Insurances

  • Part A Insurance: Part A insurance covers the Hospital Insurance
  • Part B Insurance: It covers the Medical Insurance

Thus, it is very important for every people to know more about a Medicare card which provides different information such as the date of coverage when it will start, what is it’s tenure, whether it covers only Part A insurance that is hospital insurance or part B which includes medical insurance or both. Therefore, it is important for the card user to keep the card with them when they go out or away from home. During the treatment, the Medicare cards are asked by the doctor, hospital or the other health care service provider. They check the card to see about the coverage of various medical facilities provided to the people is valid or they are covered under it. With the help of Medicare numbers online availability, the benefits can be enjoyed or used by the patient by searching it online. Even if the card is lost, damaged or forgotten then through the online Medicare numbers, it can be traced and the people will be benefitted.

Amazing Benefits provided by Medicare Card Important Information about Medicare Card

Amazing Benefits provided by Medicare Card

Amazing benefits are provided by Medicare, which may include the following:

  • Consultation fees for the doctors including specialists.
  • Eye tests performed by optometrists.
  • Surgical & other therapeutic procedures are performed by doctors.
  • Various tests and examinations are conducted by the doctors who are required to treat illness. The different tests may include X-Ray, pathology tests.
  • Specific items for allied health services.
  • Some surgical procedures performed by the approved dentists.
  • It also covers the specific items under EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) program.

Services not covered under Medicare

The different services of Medicare, which are not covered under, are physiotherapy, speech therapy, eye therapy. Occupational therapy or psychology and podiatry services. The other services, which are not covered under Medicare, include home nursing, hearing aids and other appliances; it also includes acupuncture, most dental examinations and treatments or ambulance services. The other information available on the Medicare card website also includes the various information about the services which are not covered under it are private patient costs of hospital, medical & hospital costs incurred overseas, medical or hospital services which are not clinically necessary.

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  • Alice Carroll

    It’s great to know that eye tests are also covered under Medicare. One of the things I want to make sure as I grow older is the health of my eyes. I better start applying for it soon so I can maximize the benefits I can get from it.

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