Maintaining Oral Health Naturally and Alternatively: Best Natural Ingredients and Home Remedies


Maintaining Oral Health Naturally and Alternatively: Best Natural Ingredients and Home Remedies

Maintaining oral hygiene is a necessary part of our lives, but that does require paying frequent visits to the dentist or the orthodontist, provided that you are careful about oral hygiene to begin with. In this post, we are going to discuss exactly how to do that, but in the most natural way possible. In fact, we even have a tip that could help some of you prevent a heavy orthodontic expenditure.

Sodium Bicarbonate, aka Baking Soda Instead of a Whitening Toothpaste

Everything on the planet has a chemical composition, so don’t let the name sodium bicarbonate throw you off. The alkaline compound is indeed a naturally occurring and perfectly safe material for cleaning and even whitening your teeth naturally. There are various ways to go about it, but we will detail one of the easiest and most effective ways to get started below:

  • Put a tablespoon of baking soda into a cup and mix with water in a 1:1 ratio
  • Mix until it becomes a paste
  • Brush your teeth with the thick paste in a circular motion using a soft toothbrush
  • Do not scrub or use too much pressure, but don’t be excessively mild either; the same pressure you use for regular brushing should do fine
  • Continue the circular brushing for 2 to 3 minutes, covering and cleaning every tooth in your mouth
  • Spit everything out and then rinse your mouth properly with a natural mouthwash

By now, your teeth should already be cleaner and whiter than before, although you might need to continue doing the same twice a week for a few weeks to see those truly sparkling, pearly whites!

Hydrogen Peroxide as a More Powerful Whitener/Rinsing Agent

Hydrogen peroxide, or just peroxide is another ecofriendly compound that sounds suspiciously artificial, but is absolutely natural! However, unlike baking soda, you need to be a bit more cautious with using hydrogen peroxide if you plan to utilize it as an oral cleanser and teeth whitener. The thing is, you should never use concentrated peroxide to clean your teeth and gums with, irrespective of what the internet might tell you.

While it is an excellent remedy for instantly cleaning all germs inside your mouth, in its undiluted form, hydrogen peroxide can also end up burning your gums and tongue. Go through the following to know how you can both prevent peroxide from damaging your mouth and benefit from its natural antimicrobial properties at the same time:

  • Fill a cup with water and hydrogen peroxide in a 1:1 ratio to dilute it
  • Put the cleanser and whitener inside your mouth (don’t drink/swallow the solution) and rinse your mouth for about a minute
  • Spit it all out and you are done

This should have a more profound effect when combined with the baking soda toothpaste method mentioned above, but there should be a gap in between the two procedures. Also, you should be aware that there is another method of using the compound. This is where baking soda and peroxide is mixed together as a stronger, teeth whitening paste, but it may not be completely safe. If you are still interested in trying it out, simply add a small dab of hydrogen peroxide to your baking soda/water solution, before mixing them all into a paste. Try to keep the brushing time limited to one minute at the longest.

Straighten Your Teeth at Home with Invisible Braces

Next, we have the procedure we mentioned that can help you save thousands of dollars that the orthodontist would gladly accept otherwise. Invisible braces, or clear aligners as they are called sometimes, can be ordered online and used to straighten your teeth at home. These unique NightOnly clear aligners from ALIGNERCO even present a unique solution which other invisible braces cannot. They are designed to be used mostly during the nighttime, or whenever else you decide to take a nap.

They also have regular invisible braces which are perfectly comfortable to wear and nearly invisible in public, but the NightOnly Clear Aligners do make it a lot easier to eat, drink and talk during a busy day. Either way, the most important aspect in focus is that the clear aligners lets you straighten your malocclusions on your own, at roughly 1/6th of what it would cost to get the same treatment at an orthodontist’s clinic!

Honorable mentions not included in this list are green tea, eucalyptol, menthol, and tea tree oil. Just be careful with never using tea tree oil without dilution first, because it’s one of the strongest essential oils in existence and can harm your gums without the proper diluting agents. Drinking green tea on a regular basis, however, is perhaps one of the best ways to simultaneously keep your teeth and your whole body healthy.

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