Jewelry making birthday party for teen girls

With the rise in popularity of jewelry making, a hand crafted jewelry birthday party is a sure fire hit for teen girls. Jewelry making birthday parties can take place at home or at a local craft store or bead store. Teens will enjoy hand making necklaces, earrings, key chains and other jewelry projects.

Jewelry making birthday party for teen girls

Bead Store Jewelry Making Birthday Party

Local bead shops usually offer birthday packages priced according to the number of guests and the beaded necklaces or earrings projects that teen girls will create. Party planners should call a bead store several weeks ahead of time if possible to ask about pricing and reserve a party time and table space. The birthday girl or party planner may want to visit a bead store before booking a party to preview the party space as well as sample craft ideas and bead projects.

Some bead stores allow cake or food to be brought in for a party and others have a “no food or drink” policy. A few bead shops even supply plates, cups and napkins. Most bead stores will have a bead instructor who will guide teen girls through the process of creating a fun jewelry project. Before booking a party at a bead shop, party hosts should ask questions to determine store policies and procedures.

Jewelry Making Projects at a Bead Store

Necklaces, earrings and bracelets are only a few of the craft ideas teen girls can create at a bead shop party. Parents or the birthday girl can inquire about the range of birthday party projects offered. Key chains, belts, anklets, book marks, and cell phone charms are other craft ideas that may be offered as projects for parties.

Jewelry Making Birthday Party at Home

Making jewelry projects at home can be a hit birthday party too. Gathering around a kitchen table to make necklaces and earrings can offer just as much fun as a bead shop party. Bead stores aren’t available everywhere or birthday party budgets may not allow for holding a party at a bead shop. Hosting a jewelry party at home is usually more budget friendly than having a party at a bead shop. Choosing one low cost project for everyone to make can further reduce the cost of supplies.

Jewelry Making Projects at a Home Party

Jewelry making birthday party

When choosing jewelry projects for teen girls, beginner level projects are best so that all of the girls feel successful with the craft ideas chosen for the party. The party host should make a sample of the project ahead of time so he or she can serve as the project instructor at the party.

The internet is full of ideas for beginner craft ideas as well as video tutorials. Following are a few beginning level projects for necklaces, earrings and bracelets:

Beaded Stretch Bracelet – All teen girls have to do is choose beads to string on an elastic cord and tie a series of knots for this beginner jewelry project. An instructional video shows how to make a beaded stretch bracelet and how to work with elastic cord when tying knots.
Simple Beaded Earrings – Pre-made earring wires, beads, head pin wires and a pair of jewelry pliers are the main supplies needed to make a simple pair of beaded earrings.
Bottle Cap Necklace – Necklace pendants made from unused bottle caps can be embellished using paint, scrapbooking paper and/or stickers. Typing “bottle cap necklace” into a search engine tool and searching for images will show the variety of ways bottle cap necklaces can be decorated for necklace pendants and other craft ideas..
Beaded Key Chain – Beads, jewelry wire, a key chain type “jump ring” and jewelry pliers are the basic supplies for teen girls to make fun and colorful key chains. Instructional videos are available on YouTube and other video learning sites.
Macramé Necklace – If the party host knows macramé, which involves simple knot tying techniques using hemp rope, teens can create necklaces or bracelets by adding beads to a macramé project.

birthday party for teen girls

Creating jewelry to wear will be fun for teen girls either at a bead store or gathered around a kitchen table at home. The ideas are endless for making colorful necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more. By choosing a different jewelry craft ideas each year, a jewelry making birthday party works over and over again.

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