Christmas party planning ideas for teens

Teens love any reason for a party or dance. Everyone has been to a Christmas party with a decorated tree in the corner and holiday instrumentals playing. This type of party is nice, but may be boring for teenagers.

Christmas party planning ideas for teens

Teens want something more interesting than plain ornaments and traditional holiday tunes. They want something unique and a place to hang out with friends, chat, take pictures, and dance. The following ideas are a bit different for planning a teen holiday dance or party.

Theme Ideas for a Teen Christmas Party or Dance

Changing up traditions can give a gathering a sparkle and a feeling of winter magic. Consider some of these themes, or brainstorm some of your own.

A party in an elegant hall can be very special. Is there a charming place that can be borrowed or rented for the event? A school gym is okay, but it’s still a gym no matter the number of decorations. When looking for a spot with holiday flair, think chandeliers, marble floors, or a beautiful garden room. Maybe someone has a lovely large house to use?

An evening of visiting homes for a fun or fancy progressive dinner can be great fun. Each family on the “route” sets up one course of the meal, with the end of the travel coming to a home with dessert and planned events or just some places to hang out. This works best with a smaller group.

A Christmas or Holiday movie marathon night with scads of popcorn, Cookies and holiday treats can be fun and informal. Movies can run in the background or be played in a party room or home media theater. Perhaps a local movie house would donate or rent space for a special showing.

Is there a funky coffee house in the area? Small to medium-sized groups might use the spot for a gathering. Advantages to this idea include built-in food and drinks (where individuals can order what they like), a predecorated place, and a music system.

Simple and Easy Holiday Parties and Ideas

With a smaller budget, a group of teenagers can still have a good time.

Service projects are fun and thoughtful. Consider hosting a service-related gathering where teens help a senior with home repairs, fill Christmas stockings for children (with donated supplies), or go Christmas caroling for those in need of cheer. Afterward, celebrating with some homemade holiday snacks and enjoyable activities will top off the event.

Another low-cost idea is a potluck meal and white-elephant gift exchange. White-elephants are recycled presents that can be funny, useful, or completely ridiculous.

Unique December Party Theme Colors for Teenagers

For theme colors other than the traditional cherry red and holly green, think deeper colors, such burgandy and deep, dark green.

Other awesome color combinations include:

Christmas party planning

White with accents of silver, gold, or sapphire blue.
Black and silver, with lots of shiny silver bells and ornaments against black velvet
Pure snow white is lovely. Try completely covering the floor with white balloons.

Pulling Together Christmas Party Ideas

Music choices can make or break a party for teens. A dance with a cool mix of fast, slow, and holiday music (like Jingle Bell Rock and Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree) is essential. Teenagers usually have certain “must-play” dance songs that are played at every party.

Bring in color and theme ideas using balloons, streamers, partyware, tablecloths, lighting, flowers, food, punch, and decorations. Decorated photo spots (such as an archway or a bench) are nice. Remember the mistletoe!

Teen Christmas Party Ideas & Dance Themes

Second only to the Prom, a teen Christmas dance or holiday party is the highlight of the year. Following are tips and ideas for a super fun and successful event.

Start with a Holiday or Winter Theme for the Dance or Party

Party Theme possibilities include:

A theme centered around a song: Holiday ideas include “White Christmas,” “Winter Wonderland,” “Let it Snow,” “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas,” or “Silver Bells.” Brainstorm other ideas based around the song name.
Holiday colors: red and green, silver and white, blue and white, white and gold, etc.
A black and white holiday party is fun. If everyone wears black and white, then red decorations in the room will “pop.”
A silly party theme could be based on everyone wearing holiday costumes, hats, and accessories.
For a smaller affair, consider a Christmas Afternoon Tea Party.
For more theme ideas, Teen Birthday Party Ideas and Themes website.

Decorating Tips and Ideas for a Christmas or Holiday Dance or Party

Christmas party

Start brainstorming with the theme. If “Winter Wonderland” is the chosen theme, for instance, then the ballroom or dance hall might be filled with flocked white Christmas trees, lots and lots of silver and white balloons on the floor and hanging, and winter-white twinkling lights.
Make a choice between formal or fun decorations. Sticking to one or the other will pull the room together.
Appropriate lighting is important. Rent what is needed if it cannot be bought or borrowed. Mini Christmas lights are perfect, but may not be bright enough to light the room.

Activities for Teen Christmas Dances and Parties

Try not to overbook the event with activities. Often, socializing and dancing are plenty for teens and time goes fast.
Sometimes, if a DJ has been hired to be in charge of the music, the DJ will come up with activities related to the songs being played. These might include the limbo, The Casper Slide, the Macarena, and more. Ask the disc jockey in advance.
The teens involved in planning will have great ideas.
Have a professional photographer on hand, or at least set up an arch or Christmas tree spot dedicated for teens to take their own pictures.
Balloons on the floor are a natural for entertainment for teenagers. They get kicked, bopped, and carried around.
Have plenty of seating and at least a few tables set up for teen resting and conversation.
A pretty finger-foods and punch table is essential for hungry and thirsty teenagers. Ice water is a good idea, as well.

Music and Song Selection is Important to the Feel of the Teenage Dance or Party

Pro DJs will be up on the latest songs. Make sure to request what is appropriate for your group. Some dances work with rap, some with oldies, some with holiday music, and some with soft rock. Talk to the DJ about which mix will work for the particular event.
In lieu of a professional, a student DJ may be found among the teens or at a local college. Post ads in the student paper or on the Music Department bulletin boards.
A group of teens may enjoy getting together ahead of time and set up music on an MP3 player or an iPod. Hook this up to a sound system and the music is on auto-pilot for the evening.
For some events, a live band may be appropriate.

Remember Safety at a Teen Dance

Be sure to have plenty of chaperones on hand.
Remember to have permission slips and/or a list with parent phone calls in case of emergency.
Provide a safe place for purses, coats and valuables.

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