Wedding jewelry trends in 2020

Planning a wedding in 2020? Brides have some non-traditional options to the standard pearls and blue gemstones. The good news – these trendy wedding looks in jewelry will transition well into everyday wear, making it money well spent.

Wedding jewelry trends in 2020

Green Colored Gemstones

The hot new trend in colored gemstones for weddings is green – it’s being touted as the new blue. The green-colored gemstone of choice is emerald. Think garden weddings, the luminous flash of emerald will be quite eye catching against the backdrop of the white wedding gown and the lush garden foliage.

Keep in mind that emerald is one of the three precious gemstones. Fine specimens of emerald are more costly than diamond. So, what’s a bride on a budget to do?

Cost Conscious Emerald Alternatives

  • Consider emerald beads. Gemstone beads are made from what are considered to be castoffs. This includes inferior quality specimens and portions left over after the specimen has been cut into gemstones. When faceted, gemstone beads have an awesome amount of flash. Consider a necklace of emerald gemstone beads with a costume jewelry focal point pendant.
  • The lighter the hue of green, the less expensive the gemstone beads. Consider using a light spring green colored emerald. This hue will actually look fresher in a garden setting than a darker green.
  • An alternative to full blown emerald jewelry – chose small emerald gemstones set in sterling silver – cost effective in bracelet form.
    Consider a semi-precious alternative to emerald. There are gorgeous varieties of Garnet whose basic color is green. Check out jewelry made with green grossular or demantoid garnet. Faceted, these gemstones have an appealing green color and plenty of flash. Also a consideration is topaz that has been irradiated then heat treated to take on a medium to dark green hue.

How About Some Plastic Jewelry?

This kind of sounds like playing dress-up bride when one was a child. Fast forward to 2020 – plastic jewelry has grown up in the form of hand-carved Lucite. While Lucite jewelry comes in an array of colors, white, clear and silver Lucite jewelry is worn in 2020 bridal magazines.

Wedding jewelry trends

Actually Lucite jewelry was quite popular in the 1940s. Its return as a mainstream jewelry component is due in part to the design style of Alexis Bittar. His Ice Cube linked bracelet is a popular wedding choice. Hand-carved and hand painted silver links are connected with sterling silver plated bars set with Swarovski crystals.

Moderately priced at $395, this bracelet will take the wearer in style through summer 2020 and beyond.

Whatever type of jewelry chosen for this special day, it’s crucial that the bride gives it a trial run to make sure it wears comfortably. The wedding day is stressful enough without having a headache from a pair of heavy earrings.

Oversized Jewelry Trend

If there is one fashion trend that has grown bigger (literally) over the last 4 seasons, it’s oversized jewelry.

When worn correctly, oversized jewelry can be a miracle worker when it comes to pepping up your wardrobe. A huge necklace, some stacked bangles, a chunky cocktail ring or a wide cinch-waisted belt can dramatically change the look of an outfit.

Dubbed “statement necklaces”, large, look-at-me neckpieces can transform a plain dress or top. However, add it to a piece of clothing that already makes a statement in its own right, and overkill.

Wedding jewelry trends 2020

If you are going to go “oversized” then make sure accessories don’t compete. An oversized cocktail ring, large look-at-me bracelets, or a rack of stacked bangles look great with a plain wintry sweater-dress or tunic top and leggings. A chunky unmissable necklace will brighten up a plain neckline such as a cardigan or jacket.

Long multi-strand chains or pearls can have a lengthening effect on the body. Oversized jewelry also has the bonus of creating the illusion of a few less pounds. An oversized necklace can also detract from unwanted lumps and bumps on the lower half, or a wide elasticated belt can suddenly highlight a waist you thought you didn’t have.

The best bit is that anyone — any age and any shape can wear fashion accessories well. Whilst dresses sizes may fluctuate you are never too fat for your necklaces or bangles. Rather than invest in an up-to-the minute dress which will last only a season, some fantastic statement jewelry will take you from one year to the next.

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