Popular, everlasting jewelry gifts for teens at holiday gift shop

Finding the perfect jewelry gift for a teen girl in holiday gift shop would be daunting especially if the gift is a memento to celebrate a special occasion or accomplishment. However, there are wonderful, age appropriate, desirable, and timeless jewelry options that any young woman will be delighted to have – now, and even, 50 years from now.

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Wearable, Durable Single Pearl Necklace

When you enter holiday gift shop do note that the classic, single pearl that dangles from a fine gold or platinum chain may be worn with just about anything. Perfect as an adornment with a gown or party dress, the demure single pearl necklace is also a great accessory to jeans and shorts. Moreover, pearls are extremely durable, and their beauty increases the more they are worn against skin.

Lustrous white, ivory and cultured pink pearls make excellent choices for girls. One caution for active teens, however, is that pearls should not be worn in chlorine water.

Pearl Earrings Make Perfect Teen Jewelry Gift

Again, classic, beautiful and extremely durable, every young woman should own a pair of pearl earrings. One can’t go wrong with white, ivory or pink pearls. For a twist, if your teen prefers darker colors, she may love a pair of Tahitian silver or black pearl earrings. These are easily available in any holiday gift shop.

Post-style earrings are the most traditional, however, French wire dangles offer an excellent and popular alternative to more traditional posts.

Diamond Huggie Earrings for Girl

Crescent-shaped post-style earrings, huggies curve gently around the front of the earlobe to give the appearance of a full circle of diamonds. Huggies featuring diamonds are a wonderful choice for teens because they emit unmistakable diamond sparkle and a demure, youthful look at the same time. Best of all, the petite-sized diamonds in the earrings are well protected against damage or loss and are not nearly as pricey as a full circle of diamonds.

Huggies may come in gold, platinum or silver. Diamonds may be traditional colorless stones, or for something extra special, why not special order a pair in natural colored diamonds like pink, yellow, or brown? Brownish pink diamonds set in rose gold makes a gorgeous look.

Celebrate with a Birthstone Ring

A white- or yellow-gold gemstone ring to celebrate your teen’s special birthday is a wonderful gift. Pretty much every girl knows the gem that corresponds with the month of her birth. Sweet sixteen and eighteenth birthdays represent perfect occasions for such a celebration gift. The special birthstone gemstone may be a solitaire ring, flanked with two colorless diamonds to make a three-stone ring, or surrpunded by diamonds, halo-style.

Charm Bracelet Memento is easily available at Holiday Gift Shop

What better time to begin a new charm bracelet than on a special occasion? A gold or sterling silver linked bracelet with one, very special charm, will remind the wearer of her special day forever.

Perhaps the charm is a single disk, engraved with her initials or a phrase connected to the occasion. Or, the charm could include the teen’s birthstone. She may choose to keep the bracelet as is, or, she enjoy adding new charms to the bracelet year after year. Either way, a charm bracelet is a personal and unique memento.

Timeless Locket on a Chain or Cord for Perfect Keepsake

Blending timeless beauty with a little mystery, a gold, silver, or enameled locket is the perfect keepsake. Not only do most lockets offer room on the surfaces for special engravings, but also, they provide unique compartments to hide treasured objects, photos or messages.

An oval, round, square, rectangular or charming heart-shaped locket may be hung on a fine and delicate chain, a large, heavy chain, or a lovely, romantic silk cord. Teen girls are sure to love the mystery of what is inside the locket.

Bangle Bracelet is Great for Engraving

A slender gold or sterling silver bangle bracelet makes a splendid gift for someone of any age. It will be easily available at holiday gift shop. Best of all, the piece may be engraved on the inside. Keeping the scale of the bangle small to medium ensures a fitting look for a teen.

Note, a little extra care should be taken when wearing bangles that slide open. Because they are hollow on the inside, these delicate pieces may be dented or damaged if hit my mistake.

Look for Wristwatch at Holiday Gift Shop

If she doesn’t have a quality wristwatch, a special occasion makes an opportune time to present your teen with a special and practical gift that she may wear for years to come. Watches with mother of pearl faces are especially attractive and feminine. Whether you choose a metal, cloth, leather or cord wristband, be sure there is an option for the band to “grow” with the young lady.

Iconic Designer Jewelry is Always Desirable

Face it, there are some jewelry pieces that everyone seems to know about and desire. Tiffany, for example, offers its Keys Collection, Paloma Picasso and Elsa Peretti series, as well as their “Return to Tiffany” heart tags, to name a few, that are all well-known and all suitable for teens. Just receiving and opening the revered “blue box” is a thrill for many girls.

Diamond Necklace Makes Everlasting Teen Jewelry Gift

The paradigm of elegance and understated simplicity, a classic necklace needs no more ornamentation than a single, sparkling diamond hanging from a fine gold or platinum chain. Or, for a more modern, subtle look that is quite popular, the necklace chain may feature several small diamonds, spaced apart and set along the chain in bezels, for a darling diamonds-by-the-yard necklace. Either style may be worn 24/7 with just about any outfit. They both look quintessentially classic and ageless.

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