> Layering jewelry on black and white garments

Layering jewelry on black and white garments

Of course, there are really no new trends in jewelry or clothing. In the case of jewelry, prehistoric amulets and adornments have migrated and mutated through the centuries. Different fabrication methods and arrangements have been added in as time progresses but the basic article remains the same.

Layering jewelry on black and white garments

While layering has been a top trend lately, the use of layering dates back centuries. Look at some portraits of Marie Antoinette – she was quite the layering whiz. Ditto portraits of English royalty from the 18th century.

Layering Necklaces for Black and White Garments

Black and white garments are awesome as they can be used as a blank canvas. Just about anything goes on these two colors and they also make an easy transition from office to party. Gold jewelry looks particularly good against white. Either silver or gold jewelry combines well with black.

On a budget? Here are some cost-effective alternatives

Gold plated or gold-filled instead of karated gold jewelry
Replace sterling silver with stainless steel or silver plated.

When layering, it’s more effective to use different lengths, shapes and sizes. So layer a 24″ necklace with several in 16″ and 18″ lengths. Large looped chains can combine with delicate figaro, cable and figure-eight style chains. Then add a gemstone choker style necklace and perhaps hang a single coordinating focal gemstone from one of the long delicate chains. The only style rule that shouldn’t be broken is not combining silver and gold. That normally looks awful.

Moving from Day to Evening

Changing jewelry, hose and shoes dramatically changes the look of an outfit. If transitioning from work to a holiday party wear a couple of chains with your day wear and pack several to add on before leaving the office for the party. Consider buying a great base necklace that already has two or three chains attached.

Transporting Chained Jewelry

Layering jewelry

It is not good if those chains are snarled in the trip from your home to the office. Here’s how to keep them unkinked on the cheap:

Cut a length of a heavy card or poster board the length of the chain, minus one inch. A good width for the board is two inches.
On either end cut a small slit in the board lengthwise in the middle.
Insert your chain into the slit on either end. It should be held snugly against the board.
Place in a plastic bag and stick in a purse or briefcase.

Ready-Made Layering

The image on this page is the busy woman’s answer to the layering issue. Available from Amazon.com, this 1928 Jewelry Company necklace is a three for one and is affordably priced at $38.

Bracelets and Layered Necklaces

A very delicate bracelet will combine well with layered necklaces.

Statement Necklace

For 2020 the statement necklace is oversized in all its proportions. It’s long and wide sometimes hung with huge dangling paste stones and charms. The necklace fills in the front of the garment being worn, in some cases extending to the waistline and beyond. The statement necklace can be just one necklace or many different but complementary ones combined.

Technically, it’s costume jewelry as the metal is normally plated rather than precious metal and the gemstones are paste or crystal.

This year’s necklaces are also seen using feathers, leather and other non-traditional jewelry components.

How to Wear Statement Necklaces

jewelry on black and white garments

Unless a circus clown look is desired all large overstated jewelry is worn with garments with simple, clean lines. Ditto for any fabric surface design, it’s best not to combine this type of jewelry with anything but solid-colored fabrics. Neutrals will look the best: white, black, grey and taupe.

Obviously, other jewelry should be kept to a minimum. The statement necklace is the focal point of the outfit. This purpose is defeated if the eye is darting about the body.

Body Shape and the Statement Necklace

The big question is if those petite in stature can pull this look off. The answer is yes – the same balancing act that petites have to do with most items of apparel applies to statement necklaces.

Scale down the size and width. For the petite, the statement necklace should be a slim column draping from the neckline that fills in approximately 1/3 of the front of the garment. This is actually a good rule of thumb for all body types but is especially applicable to the petite.

One looks to avoid – the full, flat out lobster bid effect. Unless one is going into battle and needs some armor, this is just too much. Scale this look down to Peter Pan collar size for best appearance.

Celebrities Wearing Statement Necklaces

Iman was spotted recently wearing a Robert Lee Morris statement necklace with hammered gold plates arranged in layers from a cuff necklace. She paired the necklace with a red garment. This is one exception to the neutral rule. Plain gold looks stunning against red. However, had the necklace been set with stones, it would probably have been too much.

Michelle Monaghan wore a Subversive necklace at the Free Arts N.Y.C. art and photography auction in New York. Subversive Jewelry’s designer Justin Giunta combines the old and new: antique and oxidized chains hung with large charms. Subversive’s necklace co-ordinates perfectly with the Erin Fetherston black bubble dress worn by Monaghan to this event.

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