Reasons To Make Sexual Health a Priority

Sexual education isn’t something that should be restricted to middle schoolers and high schoolers. Your sexual health needs to be something you keep in mind just as much as you work to avoid colds and flu. These are some reasons to make sexual health a priority.

Avoiding STDs Reasons To Make Sexual Health a Priority

Avoiding STDs

STDs can be contracted pretty easily. It just takes one irresponsible decision to leave you with a lot of stress. It’s not too difficult to avoid STDs. You need to make sure you and your partner are tested and disclose any previous STDs, regardless of whether or not they’ve been eradicated. It’s also good to use things like condoms to prevent any spreading of STDs. A greater sense of calm is just one of many pros to avoiding STDs.

Birth Control

You have the right to autonomy over your body, including whether or not you get pregnant. Birth control options range from contraceptive pills, condoms, and diaphragms. You need to make sure that any method you use is proven to work. You also need to make sure that they’re being used properly and consistently. Using birth control means understanding just how responsible you need to be with your sexual health. As long as you can abide by a basic sense of responsibility, you’ll be fine. You might also use a variety of birth control methods to further decrease your chances of conception and to increase your comfort levels when having sex.

Establishing Boundaries Reasons To Make Sexual Health a Priority

Establishing Boundaries

Sexual health isn’t limited to physical matters. You need to keep yourself emotionally healthy by standing firm about what you will and won’t allow. There needs to be a clear understanding of consent between you and any partners. You shouldn’t have to say “no” more than once and any sort of manipulation is completely uncalled for. There’s no such thing as a healthy sexual relationship where someone feels like they have to be forced into doing something they’re not comfortable with. Each partner needs to be forthright in what they will and won’t accept. Just because someone is okay with something in one encounter doesn’t mean they can’t tell their partner they’d prefer to not do it again.

Develop Sexual Confidence

When you know the importance of your sexual health, you can also have a stronger sense of expressing yourself. Learn to undo any shyness you have about expressing yourself sexually. While your proclivities shouldn’t be flaunted in public, you need to make the bedroom as open of a forum as you can. Express your preferences in a way that emphasizes how you need them to be fulfilled. Your partners should also feel like they can be as open as possible with you about their desires and preferences in the bedroom. This way, you can become all the more synchronous with each other.

People have sex because they enjoy it. However, that enjoyment can be hindered if you aren’t paying attention to your sexual health. Stay up-to-date regarding your sexual health and make sure that you don’t do anything that you know could put you at risk. The pleasures of sex are far too great to put yourself in a dangerous situation.

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