Top Five Reasons You Should Start Having Organic Beef Jerky Now

Beef jerky is a staple in every fridge given its distinct palatable flavor and the convenience of consumption. But are you eating right? The usual beef jerky is usually high in artificial hormones, which do not look exactly good for your health. No, no, don’t worry, you won’t have to sacrifice your cravings for beef jerky – you would simply need to switch to a healthier alternative of All-natural beef jerky. The organic jerky is derived from grass-fed, humanely reared cattle that have not been injected with harmful artificial hormones. The post below offers a brief on the five major health benefits of having au-natural beef jerky.

Top Five Reasons You Should Start Having Organic Beef Jerky Now

Lean meat benefits

You must know the basic stuff, that the diet of an animal largely influences the nutrient quotient of its meat. Beef jerky from the usual grain-fed cattle is usually high in fat, while meat from grass-fed cattle has the same fat as any lean meat- such as an elk or a wild deer or skinless chicken. Thus, even when you are having the organic beef jerky, you can enjoy the meat without the dangers of regular red meat. A beef this lean is excellent for lowering LDL bad cholesterol levels.

Low calorie and easy weight loss

You should know that grass-fed beef contains just 1/3rd of the high fat common with regular beef jerky. When the meat is low in fat, it’s lower in calories as well- which is definitely a strong fillip to switch to organic beef jerky. In fact, organic beef will save around 17,733 calories annually for you, enabling you to lose a good 6 pounds a year- and that too without depriving yourself from the delicious experience of beef jerky. Now, that’s a real deal, isn’t it?

Loads of Omega-3s

On one hand, grass-fed organic beef jerky is less in harmful fat and on the other hand, it comes enriched with the much-needed Omega-3 good fatty acids. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid, which is important for the healthy functioning of every cell and the entire body. These are the best heart-friendly fats and a generous consumption of Omega-3 prevents the risks of irregular heartbeat and high BP. It can be said that a switch to organic beef jerky immediately lowers the risk of serious cardiac arrest. Moreover, the good volume of Omega-3 present in an all-natural jerky is excellent for robust mental health as it eliminates the chances of depression, Alzheimer’s attention deficit disorder, and schizophrenia.

Lower risk of cancer

This point is in connection with the point mentioned above and you would be glad to know that organic beef jerky can work to reduce the risk of cancer as well- and it’s all because of the high Omega-3 content of the meat. The major reason why organic beef jerky is rich in Omega-3 is that the very nutrient is available in green leaves- the staple food of grass-fed cattle.

Anti-aging properties

Last but not the least; organic beef jerky would help you to stay young for long. The all-natural beef is high in Vitamin E, which further contains excellent anti-aging properties.

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