Your Top Guide to Clear or Ceramic Braces and Whether They are Best for You

Ceramic Braces and Whether They are Best for You

Everyone has heard of braces, but most of us are probably more familiar with metal braces which have resulted in the nickname ‘metal mouth’ for wearers of traditional braces. But braces have been quite revolutionary, allowing millions upon millions of individuals to correct their teeth and enhance their smile, and today, the technology used for braces is more advanced than ever as well. The technology for braces now includes different kinds of braces, and this covers one of the most popular kinds: clear or ceramic braces. So, what should you know about clear or ceramic braces, and how do you know if they’re the best choice for you? Let’s find out.

The difference between clear/ceramic and traditional

As you may already know, traditional braces are braces with metal brackets, and the orthodontist cements each bracket to the front of the teeth. A metal wire will then connect each bracket to the other, and because the brackets and wires are metal, they can be easily noticeable. Clear or ceramic braces are quite similar in design to traditional braces, but with one significant difference: they are made from a material (ceramic) which is transparent. The wires of clear or ceramic braces can also be clear or transparent so the braces can become even more invisible.

Are they truly as effective as traditional braces?


Some people may have an important question regarding clear or ceramic braces’ effectiveness. The answer to this will depend on the patient’s dental problems or issues. For example, if you have extreme misalignment or overcrowding, your orthodontist may recommend traditional braces as they are more effective for this kind of dental problem. But if your teeth are not severely misaligned or overcrowded, you can benefit from clear or ceramic braces. Your orthodontist will inform you if you can benefit from clear or ceramic braces once he or she examines your teeth. An experienced orthodontist, such as an orthodontist from the Woodbridge VA American Braces and Smile Center, will also let you know how long your treatment will be once you have chosen to have ceramic or clear braces.

How to care for clear or ceramic braces

Small elastics called ligatures will hold or secure the wires of the braces to the brackets. You should take special care of these ligatures since they can discolor. Avoid eating foods that have a lot of pigments, such as tomato sauce, berries, and curries, as they can result in stains. You should avoid red wine, coffee, or tea, as they can cause stains as well. Smoking can also lead to stains. However, if the ligatures become stained, your orthodontist can simply change them once you have your appointment for the adjustment of your braces.

Of course, it’s imperative to brush your teeth at least two times each day and remember to floss as well. If you want to make flossing easier even with braces on your teeth, you can make use of an orthodontic floss.

Clear or ceramic braces can cost more than traditional metal braces, but if having braces which aren’t too noticeable is important to you, then they’re well worth the extra cost.

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