Best gaming mouse for League of Legends

Gaming brings joy and relaxation. But winning brings much joy and much relaxation. Here we will share some knowledge about how to avoid losing games, particularly the League of Legends (LoL) matches by getting the best mouse before starting the on-screen venture on your computer or laptop.

Best gaming mouse

We will discuss here some of the factors to consider while buying dedicated best gaming mouse for League of Legends. We will review some of the best available in the market for playing LoL

Razer DeathAdder Elite Premium Gaming Mouse

The USP of DeathAdder mouse is that it is incredibly ergonomics and sports extended durability, up to 50 million clicks. Measuring 2.9×1.69×5 inches it comes with two rubber side grips to give maximum comfort. It comes with 16000 dpi optical sensor that can sense movements of up to 450 inches with 99.4 resolution accuracy. It helps in creating some stunning lighting effects too as the mouse features spectrum of 16.8 million colors.

Logitech G502 Proteus Tunable Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G502 Proteus comes with advanced optical gaming sensor and helps in minimizing mouse acceleration. Its dpi mode can be customized in five settings between 200 and 12,000. It comes with textured grips as well as convenient button layout. It measures 12.6×10.6×0.08 inches. The gaming mouse has RGB customizable lighting to match your style. It offers 16.8 million colors and comes with eleven programmable buttons.

SteelSeries Rival 300 Optical Gaming Mouse

It too is a high performing mouse featuring cutting edge sensor and a 3D printable nameplate. It comes with 6500 dpi optimal gaming sensor and strong side grips resistant to abrasion as well as sweat. It is durable for up to 30 million clicks and measures 5.23×2.76×1.8 inches. The mouse sports six programmable buttons equipped with two-zone illumination as well as chrome RGB lighting.

Corsair CH-9301011-NA RGB Gaming Mouse

Sporting 6000 dpi sensor the CH-9301011 measures 4.4×2.7×1.6 inches. It comes with textured rubber grips to help you feel comfortable in long hours gaming. The mouse has onboard memory to store custom dpi settings too. It sports six programmable buttons and offers a lag-free experience.

BenQ ZOWIE FKI E-Sports Optical Gaming Mouse

Eqyuooed wutg 3200 adjustable dpi sensor the ZOWIE mouse is comfortable for right hand as well as left hand users for having two thumb buttons on both sides. It measures 5×2.6×1.5 inches and comes with several dpi adjustments. It has an adjustable USB report rate of 125,5000.

Redragon M801 Mammoth Gaming Mouse

The mouse offers extra grip for being constructed with rugged plastic and roughly coated as well. It features smooth Teflon feet pads and include 8-piece tuning set. It comes with nine programmable buttons and with the help of software can be independently programmed. It is a wired mouse and so there is no risk of draining out battery in the middle of playing League of Legends. Dpi’s can be chosen between 1000, 2000, 4000, 8200 and 16400. It measures 4.8×3.2×1.6 inches.

Mionix Castor Multi-Color Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Sporting 5000 dpi sensor the Castor MNX01 specifically crafted to offer comfort and support to the palm, fingertip, claw and grip. It comes with four-layer rubber coating and the side rubbers are textured. It has award winning shape and mainly was developed for right-handed gamers. It comes with RGB lighting with 16.8 million customizable color options like blinking, pulsating, solid and color shift.

What to consider while buying best mouse for LoL

Ergonomics – The first and foremost is to check how ergonomics the mouse is. Know your grip and check if the gaming mouse perfectly suits your grip. However, take a simple note to buy such gaming mouse which has a smaller palm area if your grip is at the tip.

Sensitivity – You first need to know the way you move the mouse like with low sensitivity class or high. Low sensitivity mouse of about 400 to 800 dpi range to work best if you apply big sweeping motions over a long distance. Remember that for playing League of Legends smoothly you need a 2000 dpi mouse.

Programmable buttons – A gaming mouse always has more buttons than the regular ones. Its feature is not limited to right, left and scroll. It has forward and back buttons as well as home button. There are more. You need to choose accordingly, based on the game you want to play with it like playing League of Legends mean having too many programmable buttons. More to this, ensure placing of the buttons so that you can play comfortably.

Price – Price of a gaming mouse fluctuates based on the features. However, it ranges somewhere between $50 and $100. However, it is important to take note that price is never a determining factor. The first thing to do is to research a bit on more than one mouse or brand and understand what exactly you are looking for.


I am sure you have read the above guidelines properly and now it is time to buy the best gaming mouse for League of Legends. Do consider to determine what you need in the mouse in terms of features and form factors. Price should be the last determining factor.


  • taimed

    I’ve been playing league of legends for years, and regarding the best mouse, I bought a customized one, with features I choose, about 5000 dpi, 8 buttons, programmable, and it was perfect

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