Use of ginseng in the treatment of diabetes

Recently, there were many studies conducted by many researches all over the world to analyze the impact of ginseng in the treatment of diabetes. Remarkably, most of these studies revealed that ginseng has a positive impact in lowering down the sugar levels in the body under certain health conditions. The output of this study is enough for the researches to promote ginseng based drugs for the patients affecting from Type I diabetes. After this study it is been revealed that the American ginseng that contains hyperglycemia can be used in the treatment of diabetes effectively. Though, the working of American ginseng in lowering the sugar levels still remains mystery.

Use of ginseng in the treatment of diabetes
Use of ginseng in the treatment of diabetes

Few year back, American researches has conducted a closed group controlled study in number of patients having Type I diabetes symptoms. As per this study a group of 30 people with these symptoms were given the American Ginseng in the fibre capsules for 12 weeks, three times a day without any other drug or external medication. The diet of these people has been controlled and monitored by giving them zero sugar food in order to observe the results better.

After completion of the half way of the study, all the participants were asked to follow their regular regime and keep consuming the placebo.

After completion of the entire study the two sets of blood were tested and compared at the time when participants are taking American ginseng and then after 4 weeks when they are consuming placebo. After comparing two samples it is found that Haemoglobin ALC a standard sugar level in the blood were remarkably low in the people during the first 4 weeks when they were taking ginseng and on the other hand, the sugar level remains normal during the last 8 weeks when participants were taking placebo. But, remember these studies were conducted on the people having type I diabetes symptoms, though the effect of ginseng in the type II diabetes is not yet known.

History of ginseng:

There are two different types of ginseng found in the world which are popular classified as American ginseng and Chinese ginseng. In the medical terminology the American ginseng is known as Panax quinquefolius while the Chinese ginseng is known as Panax Chinese. Ginseng is mostly been used as a metabolic agent and that claimed to be improving the metabolism in the body. Many fitness experts and body builders use ginseng because it is 100% and no side effects. American ginseng which is considered more effective in diabetes has the following components of ginseng such as ginsenosides, alkaloids, polysaccharides and polypeptides that has been identified with their biological activity.

All these facts are enough to consider that the ginseng and ginsenosides are good for lowering down the sugar levels in blood in type 1 diabetes. Though use of only ginseng or ginsenosides in the treatment of diabetes is not yet know prove to be effective. Researchers are further dwelling down the impact of ginseng and making it a standardized drug for the diabetes.

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