Why Students May Not Complete Homework

Doing homework is important in ensuring good grades at school. However, not all students do their homework or get to complete it. Personally I don’t have fond memories of what I faced when I failed to do my essay it is the case with most of us. For a fact, most students may not be aware of the negative academic consequences of not doing their homework.

Why Students May Not Complete Homework

The consequences of this are however seen on the side of teachers who end up getting frustrated and parent-children relationships having rifts. There are some reasons why students do not accomplish their homework and steps that may be taken to ensure they complete their tasks.

Reasons Why Students Don’t Complete Homework

When students fail to complete homework, it could be their teachers’, parents or students fault. However, teachers may do several things to improve a situation where students often fail to complete their homework.

Firstly, students may not have recorded the assignment given. Teachers should give students ample time to write down the assignment at the start of a lecture and to ensure they write it down by having them copy from the board as opposed to dictating it to them. Ensuring students understand the importance and benefits of homework by checking it and correcting them appropriately.

Family crisis and students failing to remember doing their homework have been other major contributors to students failing to undertake homework. Teachers should be in close contact with parents so as to ensure homework is done in time. Telling parents about the assignments offered and ensuring students record their assignments may go a long way in reducing students’ forgetfulness.

In other cases, students may do the assignment but accidentally leave it at home. However, if they do this, frequently it is wise to contact their guardian to establish the cause of the problem. A student’s honesty on the excuse given is assessed. For a poor performer,inferiority complex and fear, failure may be hindering a student from doing homework. Counseling of such students should be done.

Assignments given may be quite taxing on the student, or they may be having other more urgent and pressing assignments. Teachers should avoid overworking students, it is advisable to consult the students on their estimated time for completing the homework. Consulting will help the teacher give the students enough time to finish jobs given. Offering to help children with their assignments given will boost their confidence and urge to complete it. Consulting with fellow teachers to avoid conflicting with other jobs given to kids will highly improve completion of homework given.

Reasons Why Students Don't Complete Homework

Student’s priorities go a long way in affecting the completion of assignments given. “I was playing soccer that’s why I did not get to complete my homework,” teachers will often hear such excuses from the student. Unawareness of priorities should raise a red flag as it shows that homework is not on top of their to-do list. Therefore, consulting parents and showing children importance of assignments given is essential to ensure they prioritize it.

In worse cases, students may genuinely not know how to go about the assignment given or even lack access to materials needed. Teachers should seek extra time with students who lag behind and avoid introducing new topics before the student is at par with others. Learners should be given enough time to pack as they go home. Packing well will help them carry necessary materials.

In conclusion, the issues mentioned above may hinder learners from completing their homework. However, it’s every teachers’ responsibility to know their students strengths and weaknesses. Teachers have to work in conjunction with parents on the problems mentioned above so that they are solved.

Students always be reluctant in finishing their homework. Even though it’s from their favorite subjects, they don’t like it. Conversely some students want to finish their homework but they fear they won’t be able to do it as required or better than their class-fellows, and therefore resort to ask others to do on their behalf. This practice isn’t better unless you are learning from it, specially in case of essay help where you not only get the material but also learn what essay writing actually is.

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