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What to Expect from Your Recovery after Lap Band Surgery

Many people who are interested in having lap band surgery wonder what their life will be like after the surgery. Because the lap band is a reasonably new type of procedure in the world of bariatric surgery, there isn’t really a point of reference for them yet. The lap ban is very non-invasive compared to other types of bariatric surgery, because it doesn’t actual alter your digestive system. Rather, it uses a constrictive silicone band that is placed around the top of the patient’s stomach. This limits the stomach’s size and the food a patient can consume. Essentially, it makes someone feel full faster, thereby eating lest and losing weight. If you are interested in this procedure, it is recommended that you start following some professional blogs , so that you can learn about what is involved.

What to Expect from Your Recovery after Lap Band Surgery
What to Expect from Your Recovery after Lap Band Surgery

After the Surgery

The first three weeks after you have had the procedure completed, you will not be able to eat regular foods. Rather, you will have to eat an all liquid diet in the first week and then a pureed diet for another two weeks. Once you have gone through these phases of your post-operative diet, you will slowly start to eat soft foods until you get to the point of eating regular, normal food once again.

There are a number of foods that can cause problems for people who have had a lap band fitted and you may want to avoid these. These include dried fruits, some breads, coconut, nuts, fried foods, popcorn and pasta. Regardless of what you eat, however, it will always be less than what you ate before your surgery. You should also learn to eat very slowly, chewing your food properly. It is recommended that it should take you at least half an hour to eat a full meal. Also, as soon as you start to feel full, you have to stop eating. If you don’t, you will feel uncomfortable and, eventually, you will start to put weight on again.

It is best to really commit yourself to a whole new, healthy lifestyle. This means eating a balanced diet that has lots of healthy, nutritious foods in it, full of minerals and vitamins. You will usually be referred to a dietician who will help you to create a new and healthier diet that meets all your nutritional needs. Expect foods high in calories and fats to be removed from your diet, as all these foods do is cause weight gain. You should also not drink any fluids while you eat. Rather, you should have these half an hour later. Do, however, consume plenty of liquids during the day as this will keep your digestive tract healthy.

Finally, expect regular check-ups. During this time, your lap band may be slightly adjusted – tightened or loosened – until the right setting is found for your needs. Adjusting the band is perfectly safe and comfortable and can be done right in your doctor’s office.

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