What really happens after bariatric surgery?

What really happens after bariatric surgery

It’s got to the point where the internet is flooded with information regarding bariatric surgery, and all of the benefits associated with it.

While it’s possible to easily find out about the risks and the fantastic results that can occur, something that perhaps isn’t as understood is what happens afterwards.

For a procedure that can ultimately be quite complicated, it’s interesting to see exactly what happens after you leave the hospital.

Of course, each procedure is going to provide a slightly different aftermath. One only has to look  and see the vast number of treatment options available to see that this certainly isn’t a simple field to get your head around.

However, if you’re looking for a general overview of what to expect after the average bariatric surgery, here’s what we have broken down.

Your eating habits

Unsurprisingly, the difference in your eating habits will be considerable.

Due to the fact that most procedures concentrate on shrinking the stomach, and ultimately preventing as much food from being stored there, it means that you’ll pretty much immediately notice that you can’t consume as much.

Small portion sizes will suddenly feel much bigger and the aim is to turn this into a habit (if the procedure is not reversible).

Nutritional supplements

Again, this is going to vary considerably depending on the type of procedure you have had performed.

However, some types out there do affect the amount of nutrients that enter your body. This is an unfortunate side effect; in a bid to squeeze out the amount of calories that are being absorbed, some bariatric procedures will also do the same to important nutrients.

It means that some people will have to turn to nutritional supplements, and this could be indefinitely depending on the nature of the treatment. This usually occurs with the gastric bypass, which is renowned as making it harder for the body to absorb nutrients in amongst all of the huge weight loss benefits.

Immediate health improvements

As you have probably realized from the previous couple of points, a lot of the effects from bariatric surgery are immediate. Fortunately, this is also the case in relation to the health benefits that your body receives.

A lot of people will turn to one of these procedures in a bid to aid some sort of medical condition, such as diabetes. Due to the nature of the surgery, these conditions should improve within days. The gastric bypass often offers the quickest results.

Indirect benefits

As well as the above, there are several indirect benefits that should also be discussed.

Most of the time these revolve around psychological improvements; for example boasting an improved appearance. Usually, this will lead to better confidence and there’s the chance that this will open up all sorts of avenues for relationships and so on.

The point is that these procedures do prompt results faster than you might expect. As other sources will have probably highlighted, bariatric surgery certainly isn’t a miracle worker, but the aftermath can surprise a lot of people who are considering the treatments.

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