Why A Good Dental Care Is Important For Your Health


Many have heard that maintaining a good oral health and visiting the dentist regularly. The dentist informs about possible problems that can result from poor oral health but they can provide advice and suggestions about how to change that by improving dental health regimen and how to maintain it after the changes have been made.

Why A Good Dental Care Is Important For Your Health
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Importance of Oral Care

Poor dental health and hygiene can lead to periodontal diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, strokes and even bad breath. Maintaining a good oral hygiene can keep disease from occurring not only in the mouth but also throughout the body. If poor oral health is maintained, there lies the possibility of oral and facial pain, which may be due to infections of the gums leading to teeth loss and the gum diseases, gingivitis. Poor health can also lead to cardiovascular problems leading to bacterial endocarditis as well as digestive problems, such as intestinal failure and irritable bowel syndrome, since the mouth is technically the beginning of the digestive system. So, making sure teeth and gums are healthy can promote healthier heart and digestive system.

Preventative Measures

A few preventative measures to use for teeth are to brush teeth frequently, use anti-bacterial mouthwash and floss on a regular basis. Visit the dentist at least twice a year for good cleaning and a check-up. The dentist watches for other problems along with possible jaw misalignment. Eat and maintain a healthy diet because healthy foods have vitamins and minerals that the body uses and that includes the teeth. Avoid using smoking cigarettes as well as smokeless tobacco to keep teeth looking and feeling healthy.

The Importance of Dental Visit

A visit to the dentist, at least twice a year, can help in improving and maintaining good oral health and when visiting the dentist, a good dental insurance is needed. That is hard today since it is completely separate from regular medical insurance. There are so many of them out there but using plans such as Reassurance Dental can help increase dental visits so that oral health can be improved. The purpose of the visits is to check gums and teeth for health and the visit is in two parts: the check up and the cleaning.

The checkup is where the dentist checks teeth for cavities, plaques and tartar build-up or any other signs of oral disease. Additionally, checking the spaces between teeth and gums checks gums for gingivitis. A shallow space indicates healthy gums while deeper spaces indicate unhealthy, diseased gums. The check-up session of dental visit includes checking throat, tongue, head, face and neck for swelling or any other troubles. The cleaning is the second part of a dental visit and it includes brushing and flossing. Again, this is where the teeth is cleaned of plaques and tartar and the gums are cleaned as well.


Having a great dental plan that allows you to maintain great oral hygiene is important. No one wants their teeth to have plaques or their gums to become diseased. Most importantly, by having good dental care, both by practicing preventative measures at home and by visiting the dentist, makes smiles brighter.

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