Best 5 Android Games in 2015

Games rule the android market like never before. They are all over it. Every day you go to the download store, you find a new one, thriving to rule the gaming world. Here we have compiled a few of these which have been quivering the floor with their deadly features.

Best 5 Android Games in 2015
Best 5 Android Games in 2015

Brickies- Our first pick of the series is Brickies. Coming from the makers of Devious Dungeon and Zombie Road Trip Trials, the Noodlecake Studios, this game is another stunner from them. Graphics are awesome. Every time you rise to a new level, you get equipped with new powers and features, and of course, amazing visuals. Though the old idea of hitting the brick walls with balls may not go down well with gun addicts, but Brickies is really classic.

Heroes & Castles 2-If you like gunning down your enemies in the battle field full of skeletons, then hold your nerves and get ready for the new and upgraded Heroes & Castles 2. And guess what,you are not alone here as you can craft your own army too. The game is equipped with three formats of battles. Choose the best one for you, create a fatal army, and protect your bastion from the enemies. Be careful, it’s really fast and enraged.

Heroes Charge PC- Our next pick is yet another RPG game. If you are tired of many similar types of games, then Heroes Charge PC gives you respite with its distinctive features and game plans. Power packed with best of the sound systems and graphics, Heroes Charge PC is a multiplayer game with completely new experience for the front line loving people. All you have to do is select the team and enter the battleground and exterminate your enemies. Beware! You don’t have chance to look around even for a while.

The most distinguished feature that attracts you is the cloud syncing facility of Heroes Charge PC which restores your game to the original levels in case of your device getting damaged or formatted accidently. The Andy OS emulator guides you throughout the process and enables you to reload the game from where you left.

Marvel Future Fight- The game is also from the RPG section. Developed by NetMarble Games, it gives you the freedom to choose your favourite bigger screen heroes like Daredevil, Hulk, Spider-Man,

Iron Man and Captain America – All you have to do is, save the humanity from the free fall of castles of multiple proportions. There is not dearth of weapons too. Sounds easy, but it certainly isn’t.

WWE Immortals – Do you let your imagination run riot about your favourite WWE stars? Get ready to play their role in this deadly fighting game. Coming from the makers of, Injustice: Gods Among Us, they have given you tremendous chance to play the role of real life heroes. Looks of the wrestlers give you the feel of real life fights.

I am sure you surely want to know about some more mind boggling games. We don’t want to leave you either. Will get back to you with some more action packed games.

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