How to turn tiny bathroom into spacious oasis

Bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in the house and often feel that way, leaving little room to move. Combat the claustrophobic feeling that some small bathrooms exude by following a few of the decorating tips below. In this article titled How To Turn Tiny Bathroom Into Spacious Oasis, we will take a look to some of the significant ways to bathroom remodel.

How to turn tiny bathroom into spacious oasis

Splurge on Luxurious Essentials

Buy the softest bath towels around, splurge on the expensive soaps and shampoos, and find a bath mat that feels heavenly on bare feet. Look for ways to pump up the luxury quotient in the bathroom essentials.

New Towel Rack

A heated towel rack in the bathroom is one of those really extravagant extras that make each bath a joy. But not every bathroom can accommodate such a luxury so consider using a standing coat rack rather than a traditional towel bar, this tall feature draws the eye upward, instantly creating an illusion of space and it’s a unique decorating feature.

Light Colors

Using light colors for the walls, floor, ceiling and accessories makes the bathroom seem larger and cleaner, two things that are perfect in a small bathroom. Consider replacing fixtures like cupboards, toilets and bathtubs if they’re darker colors and bringing in white fixtures.

Tile and Wainscoting

Tile and wainscoting are thought of as expensive and elegant decorative elements and the cost is kept rather low by the small size of the bathroom. These large touches make the room seem important and not secondary in the design scheme of the house.

Remove Large Pieces

If the bathroom has a large vanity or other oversized elements remove them and replace them with smaller counterparts. This instantly frees up additional space and not only makes the room feel larger but actually provides more room to move.

Open Shelving and Storage

Pare down the number of items you store in a small bathroom and try to keep those few essentials out in the open in decorative storage containers. This frees up some space and adds nice decorative touches.

Focus on Height

Even though a bathroom is small it is still as tall as the other rooms in your home. It needs a touch of change with MaxHome improvements. Don’t let that height go to waste. Place shelves and towel bars higher up on the wall to draw the eye upward. Incorporate stripes to keep the eye moving in a vertical manner. Paint the ceiling and add some crown molding to make the top of the bathroom as interesting as the rest of it.

One of the key things to remember when decorating a small room, whether it’s a bathroom or other room in the house, is not to neglect it. Too often people opt for inexpensive items or skip the decorating altogether in small rooms when this is the place where little extravagances can go a long way.

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