Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

Making the decision to homeschool involves a lot of thought. Is homeschooling right for the child, the teacher-parents, and the family? Consider the following list of pros and cons as it relates to the children and adults involved:


Some Possible Pros of Homeschooling (the benefits):

If a child is ahead or behind in public school, homeschooling can allow for adjusting grade levels in the various subjects.

A child can still keep in touch with old friends; Socializing with those children will just happen after school and on weekends. Also, there are many homeschoolers in most parts of the world and new friends to be found.

Taking a child to school and being involved in the school probably takes about the same time as getting through homeschool one-on-one lessons.

If a child is not a “sit-down, workbook” kid, the world can become his or her classroom. Zoos, museums, community classes, private lessons, homeschool group field trips and more can help homeschool students learn in real and natural ways.

Homeschooled kids tend to socialize well with all ages. That translates into children who can talk to adults and relate to youngsters, as well as hang out with their same-age peers.

With homeschooling, the parent and/or other homeschool teacher has much more control over curriculum, morals introduced, quality of work, and more.

Homeschool parents also make new friends.

There are lots and lots of homeschooling sites, stores, support groups and more on the web. You can check aabc homeschooling for information and good quality links.

As a personal observation, homeschooled children, in general, tend to be bright, kind, thoughtful, and close to their parents, even in the teen years. They have a different view on life and tend to be accepting of others, regardless of race, social level, age, clothing or material things, and such things that plague so many of today’s youth.

Special needs children may be easier to deal with in a controlled homeschool atmosphere. Many homeschoolers need to avoid certain allergens, for instance.

Some Possible Cons of Homeschooling (Pitfalls and Solutions):

Sometimes family togetherness can be a little overwhelming. Breaking up time together with outside activities (scouts, 4-H, lessons, sports), trading childcare with other parents, and getting breaks for the homeschool teacher from Dad or Grandparents, etc. goes a long way toward avoiding burnout.

Curriculum & homeschooling resources can get expensive. There are many free home education resources online, however, and items can be borrowed from other homeschool families and the library. There are often free community events (Such as free museum day) or children can study nature in the wild. Yard and tag sales are also a good resource. Supplies (like quality games, books and science kits) make great gifts for birthdays and holidays.

Parent-Teachers can experience self doubt. If this happens, getting advice from other homeschool parents is helpful. It can also help to slow down and just learn along with the home educated child.

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