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Tips On Country Style Decorating

There are many different ways to decorate your home in a country style. In America, this could include southwestern, log cabin rustic or colonial. In France there are the cottages that dot the Atlantic coast or the stone houses with the warm feel of Provençe. The English country-style reminds of quaint thatched roofs and gardens of climbing roses. There is even a Scandinavian country style that is very simplistic with bold primary and secondary colors, straight lines and pine wood. The best way to determine what style you want will depend on the architecture of your home and your personality.

Provençe Country Style

Provençe Country Style

The country style of the southern region of France, Provençe, is defined by its Mediterranean charm. Colors are light blues, greens and yellows with accents of reds and umber. Walls are usually stone or plaster whitewashed or in a light color. Floors are typically terracotta hexagonal tiles called tomettes. Multi-colored cement tiles are used as well. Walnut wood is typical because it is local to that region, and can be plain or painted. Straw-seated chairs add to the flavor of the decor. In the kitchen have copper pots and colorful crockery on display. Hanging a bunch of drying herbs and garlic strands add to the atmosphere.

English Country Style

Country Style Decorating

The English country style can seem a little cluttered, though it is mostly because of the small nick-knacks on tables, mantels and various nooks. Built-in bookshelves are a wonderful touch, not only in a library room but also on a stair-landing. Stonework is typical and colors can be deep. Patterns are usually busy, but color-coordinated. In the entryway, have an umbrella and hat stand and a spot for your wellies or rubber boots. Walls are usually plaster and lath and whitewashed or in a lighter color. Place a basket of firewood next to the fireplace or stove and decorate with bunches of dried flowers.

American Country Style

American Country Style

American country decorating can be rustic or cottage-style. For cottage-style decorating, basic elements include colors, patterns and wood used in furniture. Use a palette of blues, yellows, greens and pinks with a grayish hue. For example, the pink is sometimes referred to as “dusty rose.” Framed cross-stitching on the walls and wooden decorations that have been tole-painted add to the country feel. Show stoneware crockery in the kitchen. Have a long, wide-planked table for the dining room. Finished or unfinished pine is a light-colored wood and works well for this type of decor. Fabrics could be floral patterns and plaids with the same color palette. Use color-blocked, hand-knit throws and quilts in the bedrooms. Furniture should look somewhat distressed in either the pine wood or a antiqued paint finish.

Old milk cans and jugs, glass oil lamps, hurricane lamp candle holders, ladder-back chairs and wooden benches are all ways to keep the country theme throughout the home and garden.

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