Redecorate for a Cozy Fall

As the seasons transform, your home should too. With the temperatures dropping, now is the time to turn your space into a cozy abode you can curl up in. Redecorating doesn’t have to be expensive, and it’s a great way to increase warmth in an otherwise chilly fall season. Browse these simple suggestions to transform your space into the ultimate sanctuary this autumn.

Redecorate for a Cozy Fall

Alter Your Color Palette

Match the interior of your home and bedroom to the changes unfolding in nature. This means warmer lighting, autumnal hues, and natural textures. Shorter days call for more creative lighting opportunities. Try adding a dimmer switch to your home or bedroom to accommodate weather-inspired moods. Incorporate more shades of brown, orange, burgundy, and cream to mimic the color-changing leaves outdoors. Whether you use them on bedding or window treatments, these harvest-inspired hues will turn any standard space into a next-level atmosphere that will makes cozying up easier than ever. An olive green accent piece is a fall must-have, whether it be a pillow, vase, or chair. Add materials like velvet, wool,and flannel to make your space even more comfortable with the finest fall textures.

Switch out Your Linens

The colder days call for cozier bedding. Suddenly the crisp cotton sheets that kept you cool all summer are too cold. Bedding is one of the easiest ways to transition from season to season, especially if you focus on a few decorative pieces. Bring out your old set of flannel sheets for added warmth and a fall feel. For a more rustic aesthetic, simply layer on patterned or colored quilts. If you’re feeling like an extra dose of luxury this fall, invest instead in some silky sateen sheets. These soft linens will make getting out of bed even more difficult and will offer a welcoming look. If you’re redecorating on a budget and are unable to update your bedding linen, throw pillows and blankets are the next best place to start. If you don’t have any already, add throw pillows and blankets to accommodate for layering options as the fall days fluctuate between hot and cold. If your bed is already adorned with these cozy accessories, swap them out to match your autumnal color and texture pallet.

Seasonal Touches

Bamboo shades or lightweight curtains are nice throughout summer, but fall calls for something a bit more dramatic.By replacing your current set with a thicker curtain set, you’ll give yourself some practical insulation. If your windows are already complete with shades or blinds, simply hang a textured curtain over them. These will take you through winter, and once spring comes, all you’ll need to do is remove the rod and stow them away until next season. Another subtle but effective means of redecorating is to add an area rug to your space. A small sheepskin rug will give your feet a plush place to land and can change the entire vibe of the room. Fall is also the perfect time to start using seasonal candles and diffusers. Candles add dramatic coziness and warm lighting, while diffusers are more effective at spreading scents throughout your space. Traditionally, the most relaxing smells of the season are cinnamon, apple, pumpkin spice, and sandalwood.

Swap Accessories

Now’s the time to put away your beachy décor and bring out your favorite fall accessories to place on bookshelves, end tables, and kitchen counters. Pine cones and cinnamon sticks not only contribute to a great, earthy scent, but they also incorporate elements of nature into your space. Replace your current flowers with a lively fall bouquet of mums or sunflowers.Add touches of natural wood or bring out a bowl of gourds. Owls are always a favorite accent piece this time of year, especially because they layer in reminders of Halloween. Get inspired by the woodlands with moss and fairy lights, or decorate with fall leaves and branches. Decorative accessories are the finishing touch that will transform your current space into the ultimate cozy sanctuary.

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