How To Pair Bluetooth Keyboard With Apple TV

With the release of iOS 6.1 in 2012 the iPhone maker updated its Apple TV line too like the iCloud support for paid music along with the capability of pairing a Bluetooth keyboard to Apple TV. Many may still not know, even after four to five years, how to a bluetooth keyboard with Apple TV. Here we will discuss how to do so.

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Once you are able to pair successfully, you would control playback, enter search queries entirely from a physical keyboard and navigate too.

Let us go together with the process:


In order to pair the keyboard to the Apple Television to the current Operating System.One must update by moving into Settings> General > Update Software.


Now, when that is done, go back into Settings > General and then select the new Bluetooth item right under Remotes. Then, after that, the Apple Television will at once start scanning for Bluetooth devices; make sure the keyboard is powered on and is in pairing mode.

Next, prefer your keyboard from the list of found devices and follow the on screen cues.
Now that a keyboard is paired one can start using it to navigate and control the Apple TV. Here’s a fundamental info about which keys conducts what function:


Arrow keys will go to the blue selection box around the screen.

Return key is equal to the select key on the default Apple TV remote. Just press to select an item, or hold it to bring more options.

The Escape key is your Menu button. You use Esc to exit screens with each key press, or hang on to the main screen.

While Video playback:

Click the space bar to pause playback and to restart.

Left and right arrow twice to brings item description.

Press the space bar to pause playback. Press it again to resume

Left and right arrow keys will fast-forward or rewind the video.

Press the up arrow twice to bring up item description.

Press and hold Return for subtitles and AirPlay speaker options.

During music playback:

While the music is on you may do the following.

Click the space bar to pause playback. Click it again to restart. The same goes for the Return key.

Left and right arrow keys will restart or start playing the next song in the lineup.

Click and hold Return will bring up the music menu. It will let you to control Up Next, browse for more music from the artist or album or even launch Genius.

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