Best Beaches in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is blessed with more than 1,200km of shoreline, offering fantastic beaches and variety of entertainment. It is a true delight when you walk around the beaches of cauldron of hippies, surfers, scuba divers, and just strollers. It is a beach country, and really takes a life time to explore everything. There is something for everybody, suiting the personal taste, whether you want to walk alone or joyfully join the fanfare. You can take some course in scuba diving, surfing or just involve in water sports. There are plenty of plenty of options for everyone whoever comes to Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica has nearly 300 different beaches on its Pacific and Caribbean coastlines. Each beach has its own charm, but it is quite impossible to explore everything in one visit to the country. There are variations of colors of sand, some beaches are scattered with rocks, some with shells, some are excellent for swimming and others for just relaxing. Let’s explore some best beaches in Costa Rica.

Santa Rosa National Park

This beach is located in the northwest corner of Costa Rica surrounded by stunning setting. It is a little far from the mainland, so you will have to hike 13km or hire a car from the central ranger station to reach there. It is quite open beach with peaceful surrounding, and you will get all the basic facilities such as camping, outhouse latrines, cold-water showers etc. It is pretty much desolate beach except in the month of October where hordes of olive ridley sea turtles throng the place for their annual nesting.

Manuel Antonio

This spectacular beach is shaped in horse shoe surrounded by sloth filled jungles, and water that remains warm throughout the year. This is probably the most favorite beaches of Costa Ricans because of its unique appeal. There are many popular beaches next to Santa Rosa National Park, and some secluded ones like Playa Biezans.

It is also popular because it can be easily reachable from the capital. You can rent a car, hire a taxi or just hopping on a bus from San Jose to reach this fantastic beach. It is important to stay in Manuel Antonio because you don’t want to miss the stunning sun rise, so you can either opt for budget hotel or luxury.


This place has its typical strong Afro-Caribbean influence, which is pretty much observable in the atmosphere and foods. The beach is located near the national park, which is again very popular place to watch crocodile infested canals, unique species and lush green rain forests. The place is also a home to green turtle, and some rare birds.

There is no way you can reach San Jose on road so you can take a short flight from San Jose or take a canal boat from Porto Limon. This beach is particularly appealing for those people who love to stay secluded amongst nature.

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