5 Cool Xmas Gifts for the Big Bike Rider

5 Cool Xmas Gifts for the Big Bike Rider

If the man (or women) in your life is a dedicated big bike rider, you won’t have to look far for the perfect Xmas gift. Christmas is only a few months away and rather than leaving things until the very last minute, here are some cool motorcycle related gifts to consider for that special person in your life this Christmas.

  1. New Leather Jacket – Who wouldn’t love a chic motorcycle jacket? Obviously, you know his size and his taste in clothing and with a Google search, you can source a firm such as Wheels Kawasaki motorcycles, who not only sell bikes, they also see a great range of clothing and accessories. If you have noticed his leathers are becoming faded, what better gift to give than a new leather motorcycle jacket. He might be complaining about his old gloves, which is a great hint and a pair of special motorcycle gloves will be warmly appreciated.
  2. Mobile Device Holder – If he has yet to acquire one of these handy gadgets, this makes for the perfect gift, with a fully adjustable pad to grip his smartphone, which allows him to use Google Maps and hands-free use. Search online and you’ll find the best brands at unbeatable prices and when wrapped up, he’ll never guess what it is! Some versions also have a built-in charger, so he will never run out of power. If you are into camping, here are a few wet weather activities to keep you occupied.
  3. Mobile Tool Kit – He might already have a tool kit roll stashed under his seat, but if he hasn’t, this would make for a great Xmas gift. If he rides a Kawasaki or Honda, make sure the tool kit is fully compatible and designed with his bike in mind. You could include a can of tyre puncture aerosol, which gives you a rideable tyre for emergencies. It’s no fun breaking down if you don’t have the tools you need and one day, he will thank you for this handy gift.
  4. Security Lock – A simple device that locks into one of the holes on the front brake disc; with a choice of combination or key – this device will protect his bike from wannabe thieves. It fits nicely under the seat when not in use and they ever have units with alarms that are triggered by movement.
  5. Bike Cover – Lightweight and waterproof, if he has to leave his wheels outside, this would be the perfect gift; simply roll it up and store it under the seat. They have a range of colours and the durable material will stand the test of time. If you would like to view a wide range of bike accessories, check out the online supplier, who always has the best deals and they will deliver to your door, often for free!

A few hours online will help you to choose the perfect biker’s gift and with prices around 20% lower than in retail stores, you can save yourself some money. Click here for information about consumer rights when purchasing online.

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