Benefits Of Wearing High Heels

Of all the many shoe styles you could choose, high heels are the one that would give you the most benefits. You will discover shoes with a heel are an absolute must if you are looking to give yourself a makeover.

high heels

There isn’t another shoe style that can completely transform the way you look or provide as many advantages as a high heel does. The advantages are all in the heel itself and specifically the height of the heel. It doesn’t matter which style of heel you choose whether it be a stilletto, wedge or even a block heel.

If you team your heeled shoes with the right clothes you can completely transform the way you look.

Ultimate Benefits

A Harper’s Index report earlier revealed wearing high heeled shoes lifts bum by 25%. When you wear heels they alter your walking gait and because of this your hips are forced to move at a different angle each side.

high heels

By wearing high heel shoes your legs appear slimmer and longer than they actually are.

What to wear with your heels

Heels are one of those shoe styles that work with most styles of clothing. There are, however, some that they compliment better than others, giving you maximum results in altering your appearance and the way you look.

High heeled shoes are not just for stick thin women. A woman who is conscious of her weight or perhaps does not like her legs particularly will probably benefit the most from high heel shoes.

Heels not only lengthen the look of your legs but also slim their overall appearance dramatically.

high heel benefits

If you want your legs to look longer, wear a pair of high heel shoes with a skirt that sits just to the knee. The shoe will in effect lengthen the lower part of your leg.

A heel with a pointed toe will add greater length to your legs. Heels are the perfect shoe to wear with jeans or trousers. Not only will they add a little glamour to the overall style but if worn right will lengthen and slim your overall look. Your jeans or trousers should always sit just at the bottom of the heel itself. Again, adding a heel with a pointed toe will of course lengthen this look further.

If you have the legs for it, wear heeled shoes with shorter skirts to create that elegant long legged look.

Styles and Designs

There are so many different variations of heels now and it is hard to know what to choose.

If you don’t particularly find them easy to walk in, choose a wedge heel because you get all the benefits of the height and walking in them is a breeze.

Choose a few pairs and vary your heel heights. This will create options with your clothes and colours.

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