Stay Present and Mindful This Holiday Season

Stay Present and Mindful This Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost here. For many, this means family, friends and lots of good food and cozy nights. However, even with all the festive cheer, the holidays can overwhelm even the most grounded person.

Between work, play and the holidays, how do you stay grounded and mindful? Here’s a guide to help you be your best present and mindful self this holiday season.

Early Resolutions

Sure, most people wait until New Year’s Eve to make resolutions, but prior to the holiday season commencing, there’s no reason to put them off. A lot of people use the new year as motivation for a healthier body, mind and overall lifestyle. Start this now and reap the benefits as the holidays roll around. It’s no secret physical activity on a regular basis reduces stress and anxiety. It also grounds you in the here and now, with a focus on the body.

Of course, it can be difficult to fit in a workout every day, but partaking in moderate to high physical activity three times a week can make all the difference for your mind as well as your body. Our culture is fixated on physical health, but mental health is just as, if not more, important. In fact, they are instantly connected.

That’s why a habit of mindfulness meditation is essential for a balanced lifestyle. While many people believe meditation isn’t for them, there are numerous apps and classes that take much of the mysticism out of the practice and replace it with concrete actions and benefits for your everyday life. Plus, the release of pent-up physical energy and the emotional tools that meditation provides will make your busy schedule feel slower, less frantic and allow you to organize your time and your mind.

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Plan ahead. Make dates and keep them. Schedule everything in your phone app. In other words, don’t put off today what you could do tomorrow. Whether that’s your shopping trip for groceries, airplane ticket purchases or holiday cards, get them done early before the holiday craze begins.

There are tons of services for any number of these chores. For instance, Postmates lets you hire someone to grocery shop for you; and help you find the cheapest airline tickets, hotels, and rentals; and lets you design beautiful holiday cards and sends them directly to your family and friends.

All Connected Stay Present and Mindful This Holiday Season


All Connected

While there are plenty of online tools and services that can help make your schedule more manageable, it’s difficult to keep track of lengthy to-do lists. Healthy habits of meditation and exercise give you time to organize your thoughts and then increase your focus on the most important matters. When you feel good in both your mind and body, you’ll be more present with friends and family.

Often, there are expectations of perfection when holidays and family time are concerned. A balanced lifestyle helps you accept events and people for who and what they are, as stress and anxiety arise when circumstances are not the desired ones. Make plans early and often and stick with your timeline to reign in uncertainty throughout the busiest time of the year.

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