> Tips On Which Houseplant Suits Your Lifestyle

Tips On Which Houseplant Suits Your Lifestyle

Gardening is one of the most important hobbies for many in today’s lifestyle and a survey says 5 million people out of six million who took up gardening in 2015 were millennials.

National Gardening Survey report reveals one in three households grew in 2015 something edible at home and it is very visible the cities are turning greener with the rise community gardens.

Just a quick check of Instagram will reveal there are too many people taking selfies in front of collections of lush plants. You may come across many accounts devoted to gardening and houseplants there.

Take a note that there’s a plant for everyone, for every lifestyle and also for every person. Below are some details which houseplant may suit you:

For those who have dimly lit apartment

Zamioculeas zamiifolia

Many apartments may be dimly lit and the window may be facing onto a brick wall. Also, if you have less time to devote to the plant to water it, you need a “ZZ” plant. It is Zamioculeas zamiifolia and member of philodendron family. Just note, don’t give too much water to it as it may not survive.

For those who have reputation of killing houseplants

air plants

Many people are poor in handling homeplants and may have destroyed a good share of orchids. It is suggest to go for air plants as these are tiny and can be hung decoratively. However, lots of indirect light is required for such plants. A fluorescent bulb light will do. Don’t forget to mist once a week.
For those who can labor hard caretaking and seeks good result

philodendron plant

For such type of people the best is philodendron. It grows comparatively faster and bears large, heart-shaped leaves. It can be grown almost anywhere, but try to keep it away from bright light. It cannot be killed easily and survives even while suffering.

For those who want more likes on Instagram and make others jealous

Monstera house plant

If you are looking ahead to make others jealous, consider Monstera. The plant looks beautiful and bears large leaves. It is tropical rainforests native. The special thing to note is its tricky leaves, which are though large but have gaps in it like a window to let light beam on the new leaves below too. It is a trendy indoor plant and grows good in shade. Take selfies in front of the plant, post those on Instagram and surely others will be jealous of you.

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