Go Out and Get Your Dream Car

Go Out and Get Your Dream Car

Have you ever heard of the power of positive thinking? Of course you have. What about the power of positive action? Yup, you know that thinking positively can create positivity in your life. Wanting to create positive and good things in your life is one thing. Going out and actually creating them is another. Rather than sitting around dreaming of the car or house or boat you want to own, what if you just went out and bought them? Sounds crazy, right? Maybe not.

As humans, we have a tendency to hold back. A lot. We hold back in everything we do, especially when it comes to allowing ourselves to really enjoy the finer things in life. We watched our parents struggle for years to pay for a mortgage, and feed a housefull of kids. And then their reward was retirement and boredom. Our generation, however, is more of the mindset that we want to enjoy life now. Not in 40 years when we’re old and grey. But of course, that little voice inside our head kicks in and we hold back.

Consider this: what if you just went out and bought the car you actually wanted to drive? Imagine yourself in a Porsche 996, for example. That’s probably a car you would pass on the street and you would think, “man, I’ll never own a car like that.” What if, instead though, you just bought the car. You know what would happen then? You would find a way to pay for it.

Yup. That’s what I said. Instead of sitting around dreaming of owning a car like that, go out and buy a car like that. And then figure out how to pay for it later. Don’t run your life on credit, but use the purchase as motivation to get off your butt and start earning the kind of money you should be earning. Once you commit to a pricey vehicle, you’ll rise to the occasion.

Just like positive thinking works to get you the things you want in life, positive purchasing can help you actually become those things. When you are faced with the choice of saving responsibly for five years or just buying the damn car now, buy the damn car now. You might be dead in five years. Or sooner.

Provided the dealership grants you a loan, you will find the money to pay for that car. It will create an energy in you that you won’t recognize. It could cause your entire life to change. So rather than thinking that your entire life can change when you have enough money to buy a nice car, go out and buy a nice car, and then expect your life to change.

Anyone else’s brain hurt thinking about this one? It’s true. If you commit to things in such a way, financially in this instance, you will find the means to sustain it. No one likes to go backwards and propelling yourself forward by buying the car you really want can help you move your entire life ahead a step. Go get your car, folks. You won’t regret it.

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