What is vital life balanced energy and finding psychic reader online

Balanced energy – Cultures all over the world have believed for centuries that all living beings are home to an invisible force that is divine in quality, limitless in quantity. This life force balanced energy provides health, beauty and vitality.

balanced energy

There are many names to the vital life force and many methods to work with this balanced energy, but the basic principle of ancient healing was to merely complement the life force’s self-healing process. Some popular names for this balanced energy are prana and chi.

What is the Life Force Balanced Energy

The energy that keeps humans alive, also permeates the entire universe. Prana or chi, flows in human bodies through channels called meridians. The vital life force balanced energy consists of balancing heating and cooling components, which are also referred to as the male and female, yin and yang.

A magnet consisting of north and south poles is a useful analogy, to understand the concept of duality of the cosmic life force. Diseases are said to originate when the delicate balance between the yin and the yang components is lost and there is a dominance of one energy component over the other.

What is the Vital Life Force Referred to in Different Cultures

Many Names for the Balanced Energy of Life

Both ancient peoples and modern professionals have referred to the vital life force energy by different names.

Life Force is called Chi in China. Ancient Indian texts referred to the life-giving force as prana and detailed several breathing exercises for unfettered energy flow in the body. The Japanese called this energy ki. The Japanese energy healing technique Reiki is actually comprised of words, “Rei” and “Ki.”

Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras called this life-giving force, pneuma. Kung San people of the African Kalahari desert call this energy num.

reiki and balanced energy

Kahuna people of Hawaii call this energy mana. The concept of vital life force energy being at the heart of any healing, has been popular among Mayan, Incan, Hopi, Navajo peoples of Central America for several centuries.

Modern Russian scientists call it bioplasmic energy. Austrian psycho-analyst Wilhelm Reich referred to the vital life force as orgone.

While it is hard to ignore the common wisdom that kept people in different continents and varied cultures around the world healthy, over several thousand years, the energy aspect of healing has failed to make deep inroads into modern medicine, so far.

It is possible that the physician of the future, would use more tools from the energy realm, to ensure health and wellness.

How to Find an Accurate Psychic Reader Online

A psychic is a person who can tap into his/her intuition and sixth sensory perception to receive information that is not available to the lay person. While all humans are intuitive in varying degrees, psychic readers have well-honed intuitive and interpretive skills.

Psychics of Different Types – Mediums, Medical Intuitives, Psychic Healers, Police Psychics, Empaths

There are many different types of psychics. Mediums are psychics who have the ability to talk to spirits or dead people. The psychic character played by Whoopi Goldberg in the movie Ghost is a medium. Allison Dubois is a Phoenix-based medium upon whose life, the NBC series, Medium is based. John Edward is another psychic medium, featured in the TV show, Crossing Over with John Edward.

Medical Intuitives are people that have a unique insight into the inner workings of a person’s body. Carolyn Myss, Carol Ritberger are popular medical intuitives. Not all medical intuitives heal a bodily condition, but some do. They are called psychic healers.

balanced energy

Police psychics are individuals who help the law enforcement with clues to solve a crime. Police psychics may pick up emotions felt by a victim or a culprit, to reconstruct the crime scene. Others may receive words, thoughts or images related to the crime.

Empaths are people that can sense what another person feels at an energy level. They are highly sensitive people that are also mostly considerate and compassionate.

Psychic Phone Hotlines and Finding an Intuitive Counselor Online

Psychic hotlines are both a popular and controversial means to get a reading. There is no way to prove if a psychic on the other end of the line is up to the mark or not. More likely, psychic hotlines offer some very intuitive readers and others that merely allude to vague, unsubstantiated statements.

Finding psychic readers online that are willing to give a reading over email or chat is also a popular way to go about getting a reading. A website is a good place to research about a psychic counselor’s philosophy, beliefs and background.

How to Choose a Psychic for a Reading

While there are several genuine intuitive counselors and psychics, there are also unscrupulous psychic readers who take unfair advantage of others. Consider some of the following pointers before deciding to go to a psychic:

Ask a friend for a reference.
Listen to lectures, read books by the psychic, if they are available, to see if your thoughts and ideas concur with those of the psychic.
Find out what the psychic does best – being a medium, finding lost objects or detecting a disease.
Determine if the psychic’s rate is affordable.
Find out how long the psychic has been in business and if he has had a formal training or education. While there might be no right or wrong answers to this, the psychic being open, honest and expressive is usually all that is important.
Find out if the psychic uses tools like tarot cards, astrology or crystal balls. It is important for the client to feel comfortable with the psychic’s methodology of getting answers.
Trust your intuition or gut feeling.

Most genuine psychics are quick to admit that the future is not set in stone. They merely attempt to read the energy of the most probable outcome. A good intuitive counselor offers suggestions to change one’s thoughts and actions to mitigate a possibly undesirable future event.

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