Whitewater raft, hike and best stand up kayak In West Virginia

Whatever your sport, Southern West Virginia offers excitement, challenge, learning and fun while enjoying some of the most breathtaking beauty in the country with your best stand up kayak.

Whitewater raft, hike and best stand up kayak In West Virginia

Skiing at Winterplace with Best Stand up Kayak

Winterplace Ski Resort offers excellent skiing and best stand up kayak experience in the largest tubing park in the state, and challenging snowboarding. Rentals and lessons are available and the trails are lighted for night skiing. Located between Beckley and Princeton with easy access off Interstate 77.

West Virginia Mountain Biking Trails

Seasoned mountain bikers will love the challenging trails, winding along river beds and over country roads. If you are new to mountain biking, look for trails that are more level and remember never to bike alone.

New River Gorge National Park

The National Park Service administers the New River Gorge National Park, established to protect 53-miles of the New River as a free-flowing waterway. The rugged white water river flows northward through deep canyons and is among the oldest rivers on the continent.

The Canyon Ridge Visitors Center is located near the New River Gorge Bridge and trails provide a view of this amazing structure. The bridge is the largest steel arch span in the western hemisphere. Visitors also get a view of history through the displays and movies at the visitor center.

Whitewater Raft and the best stand up Kayak on the Gauley River and New River

Southern West Virginia is known for its whitewater rafting. The New River and Gauley Rivers provide exciting and challenging adventure with best stand up kayak amid breathtaking beauty. The rapids range from Class III to Class V.

Rafting companies offer half and full day trips for different skill levels. Overnight trips combine camping with rafting for a truly unique experience. Some trips are suitable for older children but check with your rafting company to decided the best trip for your family. Make your reservations in advance to get the dates you want as popular trip and times fill up fast.

West Virginia State Parks with Cabins, Camp Grounds, Golf, Horseback Riding

kayak games

After a day of adventure, relax at a mountain lodge, enjoy a tasty lunch or dinner, or spend a night in a rustic cabin or camp grounds at one of the area state parks. Several of the parks have excellent golfing over mountain terrain or horseback riding along leisurely trails. Popular parks are Pipestem State Park, Babcock State Park, and Twin Falls State Park. Not all parks offer all activities so check before you go.

Kayaking and Canoeing on West Virginia Rivers

Kayaking with best stand up kayak is very popular on Southern West Virginia rivers and provides some of the most exciting kayaking anywhere. The Upper and Lower New River and the Gauley River offer exciting white water kayaking which run through rugged mountainous terrain. Canoeing is also a popular sport and there are ample opportunities to enjoy this. Lessons, information, and guided trips are available through local outfitters and rafting companies.

Southern West Virginia is easily accessible by Amtrak and Interstates 77 and 64.

There are several Amtrak stations in Southern West Virginia so check their schedules. Charleston and Beckley both have airports which serve the area. Interstates 77 and 64 both run through the southern part of the state.

Winter or summer, spring or fall, the scenery changes but the opportunities for outdoor adventures just rotate to a different level. Pack your gear, or plan to rent the equipment you need, and enjoy the beauty and adventure that West Virginia offers.

Truckee River Whitewater Park in Reno and kayak games

The Truckee River Whitewater Park, located in downtown Reno near the casinos, is a paradise for whitewater sports, which is one reason it draws adventure enthusiasts from around the world into experience of kayak games.

This world-class, professional park draws professional kayakers into kayak games who want to hone their skills to beginners who want a taste of whitewater action. The park enjoys a constant flow of fresh water from Lake Tahoe, and has 11 pools for kayaking adventure. Whitewater rafters will also enjoy riding through the park and beyond, and with two channels; the park can accommodate many kayakers along its half-mile length. The course is a class 2 to 3, and boaters can use the manmade rapids to do a wide variety of tricks, such as flat spinning, freestyle, front and side surfing, front flips, cartwheeling, loops, blunt moves, spoofing and splatting, slalom racing, and more.

RenoRiver Festival and Kayak Games

best stand up kayak

The Reno River Festival takes place every May at the Truckee River Whitewater Park. The event includes kayak games, competitions, vendor booths, food, entertainment, and the chance to see whitewater experts navigate the river course. It’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages, and a great time to experience the whitewater park for the first time. There are plenty of great vantage points along the shoreline of the park, and the festival draws several thousand people to the river and Wingfield Park, right on the river, at a time when water flow is high and the rapids are extremely exciting.

Rent Inner Tubes or Take a Tour

Rental inner-tubes are available from Tahoe Whitewater Tours right near the park in downtown Reno. Rates start at $10 for two hours and vary for shuttle service up the river to three different locations. Rentals are available every day through Labor Day, and then on the weekends or by phone thereafter. Call 775-787-5000 for reservations and more information. Tahoe Whitewater Tours also offers guided kayak tours of the Whitewater Park for people new to the sport of kayaking.


Getting to the Whitewater Park is easy. It’s within walking distance of many of the local casinos and resorts, and there are access points all along the river for whitewater enthusiasts and spectators. The park stretches for about a half-a-mile along the Truckee River, so boaters can enter it from upstream and enjoy the entire whitewater experience, and there are plans to build another whitewater park downstream in Sparks, so boaters will have an even bigger whitewater experience.

Enjoy the Show

It’s not necessary to ride the rapids to enjoy the park. Several restaurants have patios that overlook sections of the park, where diners can enjoy a cocktail or a meal while they enjoy the boaters floating by. The Reno River Walk extends along much of the park too, and a picnic basket on the shores of the Truckee is a great way to enjoy the park without getting wet in Kayak games.

The Truckee River Whitewater Park is a unique adventure experience for kayak games in downtown Reno, and it is one any visitor will enjoy.

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