5 Best Leonardo DiCaprio Performances of all time!

Best Leonardo DiCaprio Performances

Whether you adore him for his warm voice and great boyish looks or you appreciate him for the excellent performer that he is, there is no denying that Leonardo DiCaprio is a polestar of both popularity and ability in the domain of Hollywood. In any case, with such a wide and fluctuated inventory of films surprisingly, it’s difficult to limit down which ones recognize him as something exceptional.

With his possible profession characterizing and Oscar buzz-earning execution as frontiersman Hugh Glass in Alejandro González Iñárritu’s The Revenant, we’ve chosen to respect the achievements of good old Leo by gathering a list of best Leonardo DiCaprio  Performances on his birthday. Have a look!

#1 What’s eating Gilbert Grape: It says a lot that, at the youthful age of eighteen, DiCaprio could depict a character with a conceivable impede that is amiable, charming, and harmlessly diverting instead of some trinket to be felt sorry for or derided. With his execution, it is anything but difficult to trust why a family experiencing such tough times grasp Arnie’s challenges with affection – it is certainly one of the more merited Oscar assignments of DiCaprio’s talent. Even though his first, this stands out to be the top of Best Leonardo DiCaprio Performances.

#2 Titanic: We all knew him better only after he acted in the evergreen romantic drama, Titanic. DiCaprio did not allure us with his physical beauty or sex appeal, but with the intensity of the character. He on being handsome perpetuated to be ideal for the role of Jack Dawson with spunk, humor and also with a tinge of loneliness inside him that even the guys fell in love with him.

#3 Catch me if you Can: Catch me if you can: Steven Spielberg brought the best out of Leonardo Dicaprio, and as both of them are involved in the evolution of troubled people, this emotional film has reached beyond predictions. You can see both Spielberg and Leo in each of the frame pushing their abilities to the best.

#4 Blood Diamond: We have seen a different Leo right from this movie. He has puzzled us extremely playing the Oscar nomination role of the Edward Zwick’s action film. This movie is arduous though but is also clunky that Leo has become the saving grace and he received the critical attention from that point.

#5 Inception: Starring as Cobb, the leader of the team who wants to hijack the dreams of other people using technology, the film is all about Cobb and his team attempting to alter the consciousness of a man to their benefits. The real story lies in Cobb’s guilt that arose out of his wife’s death and his desperation to see his children again.

That being said in the list of Best Leonardo DiCaprio Performances, the “Shutter Island” deserves a special mention where we find Leo playing the role of a Bipolar man, “Teddy Daniels”. He has not only been good at it, but he leaves us amused towards the end thinking if it’s good to be good and live short or turn bad and live long. Over and all, no wonder he’s such as an amazing being for that he has given us many other movies like “The Revenant”, “The Departed”, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, “Django Unchained”, “This Boy’s Life”. Happy Birthday, Leo! Please keep on making awesome movies.



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