Taylor Swift rallies against Apple for royalty changes

Recently, Taylor Swift had Apple on a stranglehold, making sure that her letter which are posted online criticizing how the technical chant has not been able to pay the royalties for the artists during a three-month free subscription period is hurting them financially. Well, Apple did sit up and take notice of this particular letter which has been posted online and retweeted and shared by millions of fans worldwide. It has been noted that Apple has now been able to look forward to negotiations with the artist, understand about their concerns, and are looking forward to making a consensus on the kind of change that needs to be done for the giant in this particular industry.

Taylor Swift rallies against Apple for royalty changes
Taylor Swift rallies against Apple for royalty changes

Apple music and issue regarding royalties

Since its inception in 2001, Apple has been able to share revenue from a variety of independent as well as paid artists. However, the percentages were to be debated, as Apple claims that it has been able to provide at least the best in terms of industry standards for music revenue sharing methods. Apple has mentioned that it would not be able to undertake any kind of plans for payment during the free introductory period, but they have been able to compensate it for the high revenue stream. However, Taylor Swift was extremely fast to point out that since they do not ask for free iPhones from Apple, it is only just that Apple does not ask for free songs to be played in their network.

Reaction to the news from Apple management

Apple factored in a lot of change, or else the negotiation with the revenue sharing as well as a lot of other industrial standards would have to compensate in the courtroom. Since negotiations have been outlined, and most of the royalties that Apple has been able to gain from the payment of the subscribed members is with them, it is only just did a pass on the benefit of the royalties to the artist as well. This is what seems to be the norm in each and every other revenue sharing website, and it should bring about the appropriate amount of change in the lives of people that has been able to listen to music through the Apple iTunes Store.

Well, since the news has broken out, Apple has been swift to let everyone know that they are now looking forward to renegotiations, and are more than willing to pay the entire independent artist that you amount after the negotiations have been concluded. Taylor Swift is extremely happy, as she has previously mentioned that three months without payment from a particular agency that is minting money in her name is something that is going to amount to a great loss.

That is also one of the main reasons as to why she has not been able to introduce her new album, 1989, to be available on Apple music. However, since the issue has now been taken up, and payments are to be provided, it is remaining to be seen whether she would be able to release the new album in the Apple iTunes or not.


  • Nahid Hasan

    I am very glad to knowing the Reaction to the news from Apple management.Its a very good post.I liked it very much.Thanks a lot to you guys.

  • Kamal

    Wow taylor, you are just doing a good job for all the artists like you. apple cant just throw those beautiful piece of music just for trial. Cant wait to get your album soon through apple music.

  • aashish khatiwada

    wow! this is a nice news for IOS users!
    this job was never done before!
    i wish success of apple management team.
    so, god bless to there job.

  • KmelGho

    All’s well that ends well for both parties. Swift stood for artists and made sure they were getting paid for the trial period. And Apple can now add one of the biggest pop stars to its music streaming service.

    Nice to see they’ve buried the hatchet and that it only a well written letter.

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