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Chakra frequencies – Understanding all seven primary chakras

Chakra frequencies – Understanding all seven primary chakras

Chakra frequencies - Chakras, or wheels, are spinning vortexes that exist on the surface of the etheric human body. These spiral depressions are energy centers where life force energy enters and is transformed and transferred throughout the organs and systems in the body. When these energy centers become blocked or sluggish through fear, stress, or unresolved issues from the past, the body does not receive the energy it needs and this results in many kinds of physical, mental, and emotional issues. There are over 80,000 chakra frequencies, but there are only seven primary ones The Root Chakra Located between the anus and the genitals and opening downward toward the earth, this is the first chakra and its color is red. It is connected to the coccyx and it is the root to life an...
Chakra frequencies  –  Brow, Crown and Sacral

Chakra frequencies – Brow, Crown and Sacral

In the chakra frequencies the Brow Chakra, or anja centre, also called the third eye, is associated with the pituitary gland which controls most of the body’s hormonal functions. The brow chakra relates to memory, dreams, intuition, imagination, visualisation, insight and psychic perception. This chakra is all about seeing, within and without. The colour associated with the brow chakra is deep indigo blue or deep purple. The sound of ‘la’, or waves crashing on the beach, help with this centre. It is said in chakra frequencies that the brow chakra relates to the eyes, brain, nose and head. Any imbalances usually occur in these organs and can include sinusitis, headaches and poor vision. From an emotional viewpoint the brow chakra deals with compassion and putting yourself in another’...