Chakra frequencies – Brow, Crown and Sacral

In the chakra frequencies the Brow Chakra, or anja centre, also called the third eye, is associated with the pituitary gland which controls most of the body’s hormonal functions. The brow chakra relates to memory, dreams, intuition, imagination, visualisation, insight and psychic perception. This chakra is all about seeing, within and without. The colour associated with the brow chakra is deep indigo blue or deep purple. The sound of ‘la’, or waves crashing on the beach, help with this centre.

Chakra frequencies - Brow, Crown and Sacral

It is said in chakra frequencies that the brow chakra relates to the eyes, brain, nose and head. Any imbalances usually occur in these organs and can include sinusitis, headaches and poor vision. From an emotional viewpoint the brow chakra deals with compassion and putting yourself in another’s shoes, being sensitive to the needs of others and a sense of humour.

The Brow Chakra and Memory

Mentally recognising patterns can help us predict what will occur next and also provide an insight into behaviour. Remembering recent events, long term events and even past lives is linked with this creativity chakra. Stored images that can be seen like a film in our heads allow us to view the same scenario again or replay it, making changes to produce a different outcome. Dreams are another mental component of the brow chakra, whether they are daydreams or those occurring while we sleep. The symbology of dreams provides a great deal of insight to feelings, thoughts and desires.

Imbalances in the brow chakra or chakra frequencies may also induce hallucinations, delusions, nightmares and misguided thinking. Some people may be insensitive to other’s needs either deliberately or simply by not observing them. These are the people who do not seem to take the hint for whatever you are trying to tell them, while others are unable to see what is in front of them and are blinded by inaccurate thinking.

The Crown Chakra

The seventh chakra, or crown chakra, is also called the sahasrara centre, the spiritual centre or connection centre to the oneness of the universe. The crown chakra relates to the divinity of the self and connection to a higher source, however it is defined. The crown chakra also relates to intelligence, thought, consciousness and information. It is also referred as creativity chakra to some extent.

The crown chakra is associated with the colour white or lavender and the ‘om’ or ‘ti’ sound. There is not much dysfunction associated with this chakra on a physical level. Some with imbalances may experience a sense of disconnection and are sometimes described as having their ‘heads in the clouds.’ Some people with psychiatric disorders or drug addiction may have distortions with their crown chakras.

Sacral Chakra Basics

Chakra frequencies

Each energy centre interacts with different parts of the mind, body and spirit. Taking time to learn about the chakras’ functions, students enter into the sacred space of relationship between the different layers of human being.

Understanding the Chakra System

The chakra system in chakra frequencies offer the mind and body a tool with which to communicate.

Swadhisthana is the Sanskrit word for ‘sacred home of the self’. The sacral chakra is the second main energy centre along the spine. The first chakra teaches grounding and belonging so that it is possible to rise, standing firmly, into the second chakra. It brings awareness of our emotions, creativity and our sexuality. Without a healthy second chakra, one can feel dull, controlled, uninspired or display signs of being manipulative and controlling.

Fundamentals of the Sacral Chakra
Name: sacral chakra
Element: water
Sanskrit name: swadhisthana
Colour: orange
Archetype: victim
Position in the body: over the lower pelvic region. (Directly over the ovaries in women and the testes in men.)
Associated endocrine gland: gonads, leydig cells

Physiological form and functions: genitourinary system including bladder, prostrate, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, genitals, colon, intestines and procreation

Emotional or spiritual functions: sexuality, financial issues, creativity, codes of honor and ethics, relationships with life partners, family members, our business associates

Linked to: new ideas, sex and money, energy of self protection, personal belongings, growing up out of the roots of tribal identity into the ability to be one’s self, survival, determination, problem resolving, addictions

Affirmations: I allow abundance and prosperity into my life.
Asanas: cobbler’s pose, all asanas that open and soften the hips
Gifts connected to the sacral chakra: gifts of survival, financial and creative support
Level of relationship: one-on-one relationships

creativity chakra

Identification of weak sacral chakra: can be triggered by sexual abuse, incest, rape and may manifest as chronic pelvic pain, or bladder problems. Control or power over others, money problems can be in lower back pain and sexual potency problems. Urinary tract, bladder infections to bladder tumours, aborting dreams, inability to manifest goals.

Negative thinking traits: fear of financial failure, or embarrassment, or fear of change
Questions to help chakra consciousness:
‘Do you feel unsure of yourself and your financial position?’
‘Do you feel obsessed with material possessions and unable to exist without them?’
‘Do you have difficulty expressing your sexual needs?’

As with the sacral chakra, all of the seven major chakras of the human body hold secrets of personal development. Understanding and utilising the system can help students overcome negativity and develop strong, vibrant and harmonic lives.

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