6 apps that will help you to improve your time-management skills

Planning time is a very important aspect that affects the efficiency in any area. Proper prioritization allows to increase the productivity of your work. And if you learn to do it, you’ll have time to all.

There has been written and said a lot about managing time today. There are many different techniques that can help you to organize your day. Especially popular are special applications now. It is designed to organize your free time and optimize the working activity.

Many people need a system because it is very difficult for them to properly dispose their own time and economically treat it. For these people there are special application that develop time management skills to help cope with this difficult task. You only need to find your own. Let’s consider the most popular programs today.

Time management app

1. EssentialPIM

It is very easy to use this organizer that has correct structure and very clear interface. This task manager helps you to easily enter and record all your notes and meetings, maintain the necessary contacts and keep your list.

All information can be easily imported into formats: – HTML, EML, RTF, XML, TXT and others. Developers ensure reliable security. They added the ability to protect personal information special encryption or password.

2. LeaderTask

This application allows you to conveniently schedule their appointments, meetings and other important events. You can set up a system of reminders also.

3. TaskPrompt

This organizer will not allow forgetting something to do. All important things will be completed on time. In this application, there is a possibility of separating tasks into separate categories, as tasks can be distributed according to the degree of importance. The user can print ready calendars.

4. Todoist

Super design, easy interface for users — it is about this program. It is used by millions of people who want to spend their time properly. Main features: setting priorities for each task, the ability to break a big task into smaller tasks. Also available to users sync with Gmail, it is very convenient to use.

5. RescueTime

This program allows you to monitor the effectiveness of the time which you spend on the Internet. We always digress by various news sites or social networks. With RescueTime you can count less time futile exercise, because this application calculates the unproductive time.

6. GTasks

It is very simple and useful service. If you are looking for minimalism and simplicity, you will like it. You can set tasks, share these tasks with your friends and set reminders.
All these applications can help you to optimize your time. Over time, the correct placement of tasks becomes a habit, and you can easy do it yourself.

In addition to applications, you must fulfill certain rules. It is not difficult, the main thing is a desire. We all know saying that time is money. Therefore, you should organize your day, so prioritize. Try to build global plans. These plans will depend on all small goals and objectives, so make assessment. Before you set a new goal or start a new task, you should think: where do you spend your time? We need to find something that distracts you. It will help to find a boondoggle and not do it;
– try to focus on one task. No need to start a new task if you have not completed the previous;
– plan your time. Complex tasks should be divided into several smaller projects. Most importantly is aiming for the ultimate goal always.

Try to be the master of your life. Do everything, put big goals and strive for it. Do not forget about the weekend and a good rest. It is very important for effective time-management. Rest allows you to recover all the resources of your body. Weekend – it is also important part of your time management!

Use applications and comply the rules it is a guarantee of your success in any area. You can be a student, an ordinary employee, director or physician. Any situation requires competent division priorities and time. Competent time-management will help you to organize your life and achieve high results.


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