Are Smart watches worth the money?

Ever since the android phones were invented, or so as to say the smartphone technology was made affordable (yes, we are referring to Apple), people have been in a frenzy to stock up on the latest technologies just as they appear. And now, thanks to all that insatiable hunger for modern technology, we have ended up with the smartwatch technology, that promises to be an even cooler replacement for the smartphones. Now we do agree that talking to the watch and communicating to someone does make you feel like a super-secret agent. But are these smart watches really that good? Can they really make mobile communication even handier, quite literally? Or are these just like the Bluetooth headsets and micro mini phones that you can wear around the neck, which were cool at first but not so much now? Well let’s find out.

How are smartwatches really any better regular smartphones?

Well for starters, it has been supposedly claimed that you can do most of the stuff you do with your smartphones, right on the interface of your smartwatches. But here is the catch; you actually need a smartphone to be able to do anything worthwhile with your smartwatch (except of course for reading the time). Yes, it’s pretty dumb, but somehow the smartwatch manufacturers believe this is actually cool and expect to sell their products in truckloads for this feature. Just to give you an idea of how amazingly funny the idea of smartwatch is, imagine you’re traveling somewhere and you need to know the weather forecast, or the street guide to the place you need to visit. Now the only way you can read this information off your smartwatch is if you have a smartphone synced up with your watch ready in your pocket. So essentially, you’re now carrying two devices in the place of one. And we are not exactly sure who would like to read something on those tiny little screens, when they have a very advanced, very expensive phone in their pocket. So yes, smartwatches are no better than smartphones, or in plain English, smartwatches are nothing without smartphones.

So are smartwatches completely useless?

We wouldn’t say that they completely useless either, because they can be really handy for a couple of things which can be annoying to do on a smartphone. Let’s say, you’re running a marathon or angrily sweating it out on a treadmill. Now the last thing you want to do is dropping your smartphone or smudge it with sweat when trying to change the music. But with a smartwatch you don’t have to touch your phone at all, you can just tap your wrist, and there you have your favorite track instantly. Also it can be pretty handy when checking mails or messages when in an important meeting or a boring lecture or even in an exam hall, where you’re not expected to play around with your fancy mobile.

So it is pretty worthy then

Well, not so much. We mean, if you’re just going to listen to music, why not carry an iPod Nano or a good wrist band mp3 player; it costs you much lesser and are pretty durable too. Though at first, seeing updates and Whatsapp messages on your watch may seem cool, it can get a bit too annoying later on, and might probably get you in trouble as well. But that’s not all the disadvantages, here are some more that you want to consider.

  • Most smart watches have poor screen resolutions and displays, which make it pretty hard to read them on a bright sunny day or at different angles for that matter.
  • They drain up the battery so fast, that you will actually have to recharge the smartwatch every 10 hours or so just to keep up.
  • At present they are not as durable or water resistant as regular watches. So one scratch in the subway station, or one dip at the pool –end of story.
  • They are available only with the overpriced high end models. Though that alone is pretty annoying, we are not sure who would be willing to use the tiny screen when they have a super-sized microcomputer waiting in their pockets.


So in summary, though disappointing, the smartwatches are not really worth all the money. At present they are just the play things of rich, but as we have seen with the electronics industry, these smartwatches would eventually evolve out of all these discrepancies pretty soon. At that time, you might probably even drive your car like James bond, or make a call from the smartwatch alone independently. So until then, it’s highly advisable not to invest money on these things for now.

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