How To Master Instagram

Less than seven years old the Instagram has grown dynamically with 700 million active users, host of advanced features and of course not to forget a $1 billion acquisition by Facebook.

How To Master Instagram

Launched in October 2010, the app is simple to share a photo or a video, but you need to learn more to master it. Below are those:

The basic of sharing is by choosing a filter from options like Lo-Fi, Hudson and Clarendon. You can manually edit like tweaking the brightness, contrast, warmth, sharpen it, apply blur effect and more.

Always try to develop a signature style of photography as this will make your feed memorable and followers can recognize instantly.

You can use some other apps too that work with Instagram like Facetune or VSCO. With the help of such apps you can do more with your photos like photo straightening and getting rid of unnecessary objects.

Instagram has three own apps and those are Hyperlapse, Boomerang and Layout. Use these too like the Boomerang makes a cute video of ten photos and Hyperlapse shoots video for as long as you like.

Don’t forget to use hashtag to reach more and more people. It will help in getting more exposure to your photos. A wide range of audience will be able to view it and not just your followers.

You can broadcast live video too with Instagram apps and the world will be able to watch it. It is simple and a tap is enough to broadcast yourself. A notification will be sent to your friends that you have started a broadcast.

If you find photographs of others better than yours, it is due to difference in camera lens and hence it is suggested to use proper cameras for and better editing software before uploading to Instagram.

Privacy is the biggest concern these days and on Instagram you can choose whether to keep your account private or public. You can turn off comment if don’t feel like accepting from others. There are more options in privacy features. Do check those before using Instagram.

You can create two accounts on the same app and can access both without repeatedly signing in and signing out alternately. You can keep one account for public and the other for your close friends. You can toggle between the two on the go. You can thereafter be very careful while uploading or broadcasting for the public and for sharing with your close friends you can be natural.

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