The LED Revolution Has Some Surprising Delegates

The LED Revolution Has Some Surprising Delegates

Get The LED Out

LED lights are more than just exceptionally energy-efficient illumination innovations. These versatile lighting options are making their way across a variety of mediums; including visual entertainment. One of the most popular fronts of the LED revolution comes in the form of massive LED screens.

Picture the scene: you’re at a club with a rhythm that zaps your soul, and behind the DJ is a ten-by-ten screen of LEDs showing the wildest patterned fantasia of color and extravagance. It perfectly matches the music, and now you’re in the zone to move.

But then things take a turn toward the unexpected. Dancers come out to the screen, grab portions of the picture, and go spinning through the crowd, casting the glow of the apportioned LED screen through fog and smoke that writhes to the beat.

Sound impossible? LED screens can be manipulated, positioned, and hooked to a power-source that doesn’t plug into a wall. The right production team could easily, repeatedly, and cost-effectively pull just such a stunt off; and these kinds of things do happen on a regular basis at concerts, raves, dance parties, and more.

Professional Application

Beyond the burgeoning entertainment possibilities rapidly being discovered for LED technology, their greatest capacity as a lighting source comes in the form of upgrading existing lighting solutions such that they become more efficient.

LEDs last longer than conventional gas and filament options, they take less energy to run, and they don’t run hot. This means that your building won’t increase its heat or carbon footprint from the switch; as a matter a fact, both will likely decrease should said switch be adequately applied.

High Bay Solutions
LED also has functionality in high bay lighting, which can be an excellent addition to any horticultural exploit.

According to ATG LED Manufacturer, a developer of LED high bay lighting, “The first generation iBright (TradeMark) LED tube has been thriving for many years. To date…iBright™ LED lamps have renewed landmarks including government office buildings, five star hotels, hospitals, university and high school classrooms, and many more.”

LED solutions are able to properly illuminate all variety of space, and to a specified, sustainable luminosity. They can either be used to wash a stage in brilliance, or gently define a pathway through the dark. As a matter of fact, you likely have an LED flashlight on your key chain right now.

These flashlights last longer because they don’t require as much battery. If you’ve been to a dollar store and purchased a combination laser/LED flashlight, you’ve seen it for yourself. It’s actually cheaper just to buy a new one than batteries. Now, larger-scale LED options definitely have adjusted prices. But the energy savings and ultimate value over time transcend this inflation.

A Modern Solution

LEDs are being made smaller and smaller. They’ve actually been able to fit hundreds of them onto a microchip. Called Chip On Board (COB) technology, this has yet to become as mainstream as it likely will be. But the possibility for exceptionally bright luminosity is staggering.

Since LEDs consume less energy, they’re cleaner for the environment, and a perfect compliment to any solar-powered arrangement. It’s like tea and crumpets, or whiskey and soda. The two simply go together. Combine those sustainable options with portable WiFi and living arrangements, and you can literally retain all the comforts of home in as mobile a scenario as you please.

The LED revolution is just one front of a massive technological change sweeping the world. The ultimate outcome is yet unknown, but learning how to utilize such advances is definitely a wise course of action, considering the times.

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