How to lose Excess Water from body – Drop Water Weight

Water Weight

The human body retains water for various reasons including dehydration, high sodium intake and a lot more. The storage of water usually leads to the formation of subcutaneous fluid in the human body cells. These cells make your body bloated giving you a puffy look even when you don’t have fat entirely. They usually hide the muscle definition that you strive so hard through diet intake. However, most of us end up following different ways to drop this weight which is in the form of water and get oriented towards temporary weight loss solutions rather than trying to get rid of the water weight. For those who are desperate about dropping the water weight; here are few ways. Take a look!

Drink Water: It may seem stupid to drop water weight by consuming more water. But dehydration is one of the major reasons for weight loss and therefore consuming water helps your body to cleanse the toxic waste that has been accumulated and that is causing the bloating. Ensure that you drink an average of 8 glasses of water. Sip it instead of chugging so that your food is digested properly.

Reduce Salt: Eating more salt will make your body store water. Therefore, make sure that you have low salt in your diet (Around 2500 mg of Sodium in a day) to allow the body metabolism to function properly and to avoid water retention. Avoid soups that are canned and frozen meals as they consist of salt which is used as a preservative. Instead of using the wild salt, use the table salt in your cooking and cut back on the sodium levels. Also avoid pre-made sauces and dressings as well as cheese.

Eat Fiber: Eat fiber rich content instead of eating boiled or roasted food. Steam the vegetables and take them especially the ones that are rich in fiber with a lot of nutrients. In case if you are having a heavy morning, try adding flax seeds to your morning smoothie as it can keep you light and energetic the entire morning. An alternative option is to eat grain cereals, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries or raspberries. All the berries are rich in antioxidants, Omega-3 acids, and fiber. One can as well try drinking cranberry juice which acts as a natural diuretic to flush the fluids and the toxins from the body.

Go steaming: Sweating the water out is the quickest way to get rid of waste water. If you know a sauna or a steam bath; take 30 minutes from your hectic life schedule to sweat the toxins. Make sure that you don’t exceed the 30 minutes as more time might lead to dehydration and with proper diet; you can maintain the waste water levels.

Reduce your Alcohol Intake: Drinking excessive alcohol also leads to dehydration. People believe that drinking Vodka or Rum helps you in getting read of toxins. No! They, in fact, lead to the drop of necessary water levels. Therefore, skip the beverages and start drinking fruit juices full of fiber instead.

Therefore, by doing this and by having a regular exercise routine, one can easily get rid of the water weight and visually enhance their appearance.

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