Magellan 1424 RoadMate GPS review

The Magellan 1424 RaodMate GPS is a basic, portable entry level navigation system. For drivers like my self with little sense of direction on the road, the RoadMate makes for a great companion on business and personal trips. Navigating a new route has always been a challenge, but since I got this GPS as a gift my business trips have become more efficient.

Magellan 1424 RoadMate GPS review

Initially, the only reason I asked for this GPS was because I needed to hear the names of the streets when approaching turns, instead of a measurement in number of feet. I also wanted a wider and thinner unit for handling. For business road travelers comparing best GPS units to purchase, the Magellan RoadMate should be one taken into consideration.

The Magellan 1424 RoadMate GPS: Navigation Benefits for Business Travelers

I like easy to use and simple to handle portable electronic devices; these are two of the reasons why I chose this Magellan GPS unit.

Although there are other models with more bells and whistles, I just wanted the basic model for my travel needs. These are some of the features I most enjoy using this RoadMate GPS:

It can be used as soon as it is taken out of the box with little preparation work. Just plug the unit in the car charger and go
Obtains satellite signals very quickly and generally doesn’t lose this signal
Voice provides street names
Recalculates destination route fast when the driver has missed or made a wrong turn
Provides a list of turns ahead of time for quick planning
Entering street names and address on this GPS is very easy; the unit suggests a narrowed list of addresses before you finish inputting the full text
Once the driver selects a destination, the unit suggests the shortest route
Voice instructions are clear with minimal need to look at the screen while driving
The screen is wide and easy to read with large road map pictures and choice of 2D or 3D view of the map
It has maps of all of North America – great feature for business travelers
Affordably priced, the RoadMate GPS currently sells for under $100 at many online and electronics stores

Shortcomings on the Magellan 1424 RoadMate Car GPS System

No home charger – The main drawback I find in this GPS unit is that it doesn’t come equipped with a home charger. The unit has to be charged while driving the car with the vehicle’s charger. The battery can last for up to two hours once fully charged.

No speed limits feature – Another disadvantage of this unit is the lack of speed limit data for highways. For business travelers who don’t know the speed limits on unfamiliar roads this information can come in handy.

No free updates – The maps update is an additional expense. Maps updates are important for travelers driving in a city with new roads. Updates can be purchased at the Magellan online store.

System requirement for updates – A PC with Microsoft Windows or Vista is required to download upgrades.

Users versus Experts GPS Review

This is a user review of the Magellan RoadMate GPS. For reviews performed by professionals and experts, consumers should check sites such as Consumer Search, and It’s always important to compare a few GPS units before purchase. Comparison should include considerations about price, reliability, how easy it is to use and brands.

Holiday Gift List for RV Travelers


Satellite Radio Systems are a hit with drivers and passengers alike because of the clarity of the stations and the ability to maintain the same channel for the entire trip; without having to search around for a clear FM station.
Portable navigation systems will be a hit for anyone on a gift list. Popular makers include: Garmin, Magellan, and TomTom. GPS systems come designed for handheld use, or for a boat or vehicle. A range of prices is available for most budgets from $200 for a basic model, to $2000 for a boat unit. A GPS will give those RVers who do not have a system built into their car or motorhome the freedom from maps, and worry of getting lost in a new place.
Digital Cameras are always a quality choice when selecting a gift for travelers. Photography on the road will give friends and family the ability to share a trip with others, and to have stored memories to last a lifetime.
Laptop Computers give many campers the freedom to work while vacationing, or to maintain employment while RVing full-time. With wireless internet now widely available, a present of this degree would be a gift on many levels.


Cast Iron cookware and bakeware
Propane Cook stove
Portable Grill
Barbeque Tool Set
Outdoor dinnerware
RV Cookbook
Outdoor Cooking Station


Camping Chairs


Wheeled Upright Suitcase
Wheeled or Regular Duffel Bag
Travel Garment Bag
Travel Computer Bag
Hanging Toiletry Bag


An Emergency Roadside Assistance Service such as AAA, The Auto Club, Allstate Motor Club, as well as many others, will assure that travelers will be protected while on the road.
Good Sam Club Membership
Swiss Army Knife
Folding Knife
Fish Processing Filet Knife
All-in-one Multi-tool
RV Size Tool Storage Kit with select tools, such as: hatchet, hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, battery terminal cleaners, rubber mallet or small sledge hammer, and an assortment of other needs depending on the type of vehicle.


Woodall’s RV Owner’s Handbook
Rand McNally United States Mexico Canada Road Atlas
The 2006 “RV” DVD with Robin Williams, Jeff Daniels, Cheryl Hines and JoJo, from the directors of “Get Shorty” and “Men in Black”. This comedy film follows the Munro’s on their first RV trip across the country where they try to bond as a family, although everything doesn’t go as planned. Experienced RVers will find the humor in the satirical look at full-timers and the sometimes over-the-top friendly atmosphere of RV parks.
The Lodge Cast Iron Cooking Cookbook will help those new to the cookware learn how to care for and cook in cast iron, as well as provide a selection of camping recipes.
U-shaped Travel Pillow
Travel Journal
Picnic Basket
L.L. Bean’s Boat and Tote Bag has been a company favorite since 1944. This bag is made of heavy duty canvas and for the affordable price and style selection, makes a great bag for a day trip or overnight bag.

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