Why Not To Buy High Priced Smartphone

Many people tend to buy premium smartphones that costs about two to three times more than the mid-ranged counterparts. But is it worth to buy such expensive flagships. Today the advantages of costly phone have become less distinct and we should think twice to depart with hard earned dollars for high-end builds and a buttery smooth software experience.

iphone se

In 2017 we are about a decade into the touchscreen smartphone era and low-end phones too come with decent touch display. Lately the budget minded devices have improved steadily too. Some of the models are highly impressive.

The recently unveiled Moto G5 Plus is much impressive and economically priced. It is tagged at around $229 and the specifications offered indicate a commitment to value.

The Moto G5 Plus comes with fingerprint sensor, generous battery, aluminum backing, Android Nougat, solid internals and good camera.

google pixel

One more affordable smartphone is iPhone SE. It comes at a price of around $300 and is Apple’s lowest priced phone ever. It has retained a smaller form factor is incremental upgrades over older iPhones.

On the other hand, the premium smartphones come very expensive like the iPhone 7 Plus is tagged at $769 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge would cost you $790. Similarly the newly introduced Google Pixel XL comes no less than $769. These phones are good, high-end with some advanced technologies, but not game changing of course.

The Samsung’s high-end Galaxy S8 series is learned to come with an edge-to-edge display and the upcoming iPhone would be exclusive to celebrate the 10th anniversary of original iPhone. It is learned these phones, including LG G6, to come with bezel-less displays, which means more breakable display compared to the rimmed one with sturdy aluminum.

moto g5 plus

In practicality the bezel-free display to give more room on a smaller device. It will have aesthetic advantage

Not to forget, the less expensive phones are easier to pay in full up front. This will help in keeping the monthly bills low. Moreover, opting for high-end phone under carrier package of monthly bills you can’t switch to other network even if you are not happy with the service.

Apart from all these, lifespan of smartphones are fairly short. In some of the cases it is not even two or three years.

So give a second though if you are looking for some worthy phone. The Moto G5 Plus, iPhone SE or OnePlus 3 could be the best options for you.

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