Reasons Why To Wait For 2017 HDR 4K TVs

The CES 2017 has just been wrapped up showcasing some of the stunning new premium HDR 4K televisions and leaving you wondering whether to wait for the 2017 models or bother with a 2016 HDR TV.

Why 2017 HDR 4K TVs Are Better

LG, Samsung, Sony 2017 HDR 4K TVs

Undoubtedly the 2017 models would be promising. If not, at least those are sure to match the 2016 counterparts in terms of picture quality and some other crucial ways. The viewing angels will be better, brightness will be at its peak and to come with smart functionality. In the aftermath of CES 2017 experts believe the premium LCD HDR 4K TVs as well as their OLED cousins to surely outperform the 2016 models.


Similar to the 2016s models one can expect much from companies like Samsung and Sony in premium LCD TVs this year and those including in terms of performance on motion handling, color spectrum coverage and black levels. It is important to mention LG and Samsung are implementing new color and viewing angle technology and their new OLED successors to 2016s SUHD TVs the results will be better.

It is learned the new OLED TV range from the house of Sony to outclass the LCD TVs of the company of last year. The A1E will be coming in three sizes and believed to perform ad good as LG’s 2016 OLED TVs. Also, the XBR-E Series from Sony’s LCD lineup to come with superior backlight control technology.


2017 HDR 4K TV models

If you are opting for OLED TVs, the worth for 2017 models to arrive is worth. Those will come with surprisingly decent price and little extra benefit. The LG’s 2016 B6 OLED TV was most affordable last year and by year-end it became cheaper compared to OLED 4K TVs. It had comparatively everything but just lacked the 3D technology. In 2017 LG is coming up with new levels of showiness in the design and it is to come with improved performance too like 25 percent higher peak brightness, 2 percent better DCI-P3 Wide Color Gamut coverage that is claimed by the company to reach 99 percent, new “Active HDR” mode to upscale SDR videos, Dolby Atoms Sound support and support for new HLG broadcast HDR standard.

The Verdict

If you own a 2016 4k TV or the older one 2015 HDR TV, there’s no rational reason to buy a 2017 model, but if you have to choose from a 2016 OLED TV and a 2017 OLED model, you will have some additional benefit in terms of features and performances in the upcoming TVs this year. The high price tag may however bother you, but by the year-end the prices are sure to come down. However, the 2017 models are not to be revolutionary, but at least better than the 2016 counterparts.

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