Simple steps to hacking your Android phone

Hacking might not be the first thing on your list of things-to-do with the android phone, but if you ask the experts, they would definitely beg to differ. Now when we say hacking, we don’t exactly mean messing around with the installed android platform, it is all about just opening new portals for improving your Android phone. It’s just like jail breaking an iPhone, but only here you will be able to do a lot more than just freeing your phone from a service provider.

What is all this Android hacking stuff?

Still not sure what hacking is all about? Well here is a quick refresher for you. So let’s us say you own an Android version 2.3, and you can’t find enough apps to completely enjoy the android experience, and now you want to upgrade. Now though some manufacturers allow upgrades, most actually don’t, but when you’re able to hack your android device, you can install any Android platform as you desire and get it to perform exceptionally well on your device too. It is just like updating an operating system in your Windows desktop, the only difference here is that you will be doing it on a micro scale.

Why should I hack my own phone in the first place?

Well for starters, nobody is really happy with what they get with their android phones
(unless you can afford those phones that cost as much as a PC). How well does your HTC compare with the latest iPhones? Yeah, that’s right, those things are so advanced and so quick that you feel like holding a piece of rock. So quite frankly, hacking and updating is quite necessary for those who require performance and extra benefits from their phones. And don’t worry; all android phones are actually capable of performing as well as the iPhones too. It’s due to patents and the constant threat of being sued by Apple (who are on a rampage to sue anyone they lay their eyes upon) that most android phones are limited with the technology they can utilize. But when you’re hacking your Android OS, you can work past all those limitations and make your phone into super-performing powerhouses.

Also the hack allows you to install new Android releases (as explained above), cool new mods that increase the functionality of your phone such as enabling multi-touch during web browsing, install a lot more apps than usual and some highly advanced apps available exclusively from the hackers community, and even install IOS platform for you Android phone (yes you can install it, checkout iphodroid on the web)

Ok, I am convinced, now how do I actually hack my android phone?

Well hacking the android phone requires no technical knowhow, it just like installing a software; so don’t worry if you’re a complete newbie, you can’t screw-up. Just follow the steps stated below in the exact order and you’re done.

  • Backup all your contacts, apps, files, movies, media, pictures, games and what not to a safe location in your computer or external hard disk or whatever. Just make sure it’s easily retrievable. This is pretty much a common protocol for updating anything on your Android phone.
  • Now Google for Superboot and download the zip file to your Extract the files to a new directory and name it something that you can easily recognize.
  • With that done, you have to put your phone in bootloader mode. In order to do that, switch off your phone and remove the battery. Now plug in the phone to the computer where the Superboot software is downloaded. The moment you plug in the USB, the battery symbol should appear. Now put the battery back in and switch on the phone while holding the camera button. You should be able to see a weird startup screen that looks vaguely close to the command prompt window in your PC. Don’t worry, that’s the bootloader mode revving up.
  • Now just run the ‘install-superboot.bat’ from the directory where the files have been extracted in your computer, and voila you have successfully completed rooting/hacking your android phone.

And that’s pretty much it, now you can go load all your favorite mods such as the cyanogen mod from the LifeHacker portal and improve the performance of your Android phone with ease.

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