Three Reasons to Create a Content Rich Web Site

For businesses and individuals hoping to attract visitors to their websites, proper search engine optimization is important – but it’s not enough. To really bring in the traffic (and keep them coming back for more), a web site should offer plenty of high quality, unique content.

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Why? Here are three important reasons to build a content rich web site.

Provide Expert Information about a Particular Niche to a Targeted Market

People search the web because they need information on particular subjects.

In the movie “Field of Dreams”, Kevin Costner constructed a baseball diamond in his cornfield. The ghosts of famous ball players came to play – and many ordinary folks came to watch. But people won’t come to a web site just because it’s there. Visitors must be invited. And high-quality content is the best invitation.

According to Dr. Ken Envoy in his book Make Your Site Sell, people who build content-based web sites first define their site concept, most likely a subject they are passionate about, like a business or a hobby. This makes writing accurate, quality content a snap.

The more content-rich pages a web site owner writes, the more he’s perceived as an expert in his field. Remember to keep it real. Visitors seek information, and the more the content answers a visitor’s questions, the more valuable it is.

Personally writing all the content is not necessary. There are many sites on the internet (for example Constant Content), that provide a stable of freelance writers. Web site owners can register on these sites and follow the site’s procedures for posting their content requests, and can choose the writer most appropriate for his needs.

Content Rich Web Sites are Link Magnets

Owners who’ve taken the time to build expert sites with many pages of valuable content will attract the attention of other web site owners with sites complimentary to their niche. They may be receptive to granting a request for an in-bound or reciprocal link.

Why are quality links important? They help sites rank high in the search engines. After a site owner puts up 50 or so content-rich pages, his site gains a lot of credibility. Links are easier to come by, both links from complimentary sites and directory links.

More links earns a higher rung on the search engine ladder. And that translates into more visitors to the site.

Content Rich Web Sites are Easier to Monetize

For businessmen looking to capitalize on their web sites, high content pages with real answers to visitor’s questions will be easier to monetize.

Folks coming to the site are desperate for accurate, dependable information. The more “real” the content is, the more trustworthy the web site owner is perceived. In-depth, quality content “pre-sells” the visitor, making her more receptive to buying the owner’s other services, or clicking on an ad, or performing some other action that will make the owner money.

Volume is important, too. Three hundred content-rich pages are better than fifty (as long as the information provided is real and relevant to the visitor’s needs). And the more content on the site, the more opportunities the owner has to sell his products or services.

A Ready-Made E-Book

In the spirit of internet marketing, here’s a freebie. Once a web site owner completes his high-quality, content-rich, many-paged site, he has the makings of an info-product – an e-book based on his site content.

The content-rich site is basically the first draft of a book. Most of the work has been done. All the owner needs to do is print the pages, revise and update them, maybe supplement them with additional, relevant information gleaned from primary and secondary research sources, and compile them into an e-book for sale on his site.

Why would anyone buy an e-book based on a web site when the site is right there for the reading? For one, information compiled in an e-book is often more assessable. And many folks don’t like to read computer monitors, but are eager to download and print out information products to read at their leisure.

For web site owners looking to get the most from their web presence, a content-rich site is the way to go, providing expert credibility, link growth opportunities, and valuable pre-selling muscle. Content-rich web sites are great ways for site owners to maximize the return on their web site investment.

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