Tips How To Keep Computes Safe From Petya Ransomware

Uncountable number of computers have been knocked down by the latest Petya ransomware and security experts believe Ukraine firm is behind the attack. Below are some important tips how to keep your computers safe from such ransomware attacks in future and what to do if your computer is infected:

petya ransomware


It is always suggested to every individual, institutions and companies to update the Microsoft software on regular basis as ransomware uses the same vulnerability which is dubbed. Meanwhile, many anti-virus companies including Kaspersky, McAfee and Bitdefender have detected such ransomeware and have stopped those in their programs from spreading.

More update

Take serious note that all the connected computers in your network are using the latest Microsfot Windows software patch. In the recent Petya ransomware case it has been found to have spread from one computer to another on the network even if the secondary and remaining computers had latest update.

Wait before connecting to work’s network

If you have not yet connected to your work’s network yet, it is suggested to wait for at least today for the all-clear task as Petya ransomeware can spread over such networks too.

Scrutinize email

It is highly warned to stop opening suspicious email and experts suggest to open only those email which you believe has come from reliable source. Opening of attachments are risky too. Scrutinize those before opening.

What to do if computer is infected

The first thing you can do is to restore your computer from a backup if it is infected of ransomware.

Take note that you may not recover information from the same computer as Petya ransomware overwrites and encrypts the master boot record of the computer.

However, even if you are unable to recover, it is highly urged by security experts not to pay a ransom to such criminals.

The contact email address of the ransomware criminals has been suspended too.

Who is affected

Petya ransomware was launched overnight and the most affected ones are European business houses and individuals. It has affected hospitals, supermarkets and many other organizations. The affected ones are unable to access their computers.

Legal offices of DLA Piper and Cadbury headquarters in Tasmania too are affected with Petya ransomware.

Who has materminded Petya ransomware

As of now it is too early to say who has masterminded the Petya ransomware. Initially North Korea was suspected for the WannaCry ransomware attack, but evidence is very less to claim. The Petya ransomware is from the same group and it is more sophisticated. Ukraine firm is also being suspected by some experts.

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