Unique Places to Find Web Design Inspiration

Web Design Inspiration

Unique Places to Find Web Design Inspiration

50% of users think that a good web design is what largely affects a company’s brand. And yet most websites are very conventional and often follow the same web design rules. Other sites try to think outside the box by offering something unique. But behind this unique execution that stands out are hours of hard work and brainstorming.

Thankfully, there are online resources that can help you find inspiration and come up with a winning idea. Read on for the list of places that might help you find what you are looking for.

Platforms to Find Web Design Ideas

Taking design examples from other websites can serve as a great source of inspiration that is definitely worth leveraging. To find more interesting ideas make sure to review examples from various niches. Thus, you can study the design of fashion brand websites, charity platforms, or Dr Bet bonus pages. Here are a few resources to find design inspirations:

  • WebDesignInspiration. If you are a web designer, this should be one of your go-to places. The website showcases a wide choice of resources that can be sorted by industry, type, and color. 
  • Inspire. Similar to WebDesignInspiration, Inspire displays a wide variety of web resources to motivate you to create unique ideas. You can easily find exactly what you need by filtering the web resources by type, theme, or style.
  • OnePageLove. Do you need ideas for one-page websites? OnePageLove got you! As the name suggests, this fun website shines a light on the websites and innovative designs that can be created in a one-page format.
  • Designmodo. This is a popular site with lots of information on all aspects of web design. It has a ton of articles dedicated to showcasing sites and web design inspiration. By consulting them, you’ll find a host of ideas.
  • BestWebsiteGallery. What you can’t help loving about the BestWebsiteGallery is the ability to view screenshots of interfaces of all website’s pages. This is great if you want to see what the other website pages look like without going through each page yourself. Such a feature allows you to gain more in-depth inspiration for the design of different website pages.  

Platforms with Educational and Helpful Resources for Web Designers

Did you know that almost 40% of users will quickly leave your website if they find the layout unappealing? But sometimes, just looking through some great web design examples just doesn’t cut it. All kinds of resources can be of tremendous help too! Here are some of the greatest places to find them.

  • Lapa.Ninja. This site offers it all. Apart from great web design ideas, you can find loads of things to pursue as a web designer. From educational resources to books to web design freebies, it’s all here in one place! Here you can immerse yourself in visual projects of great quality, capable of inspiring you with new ideas and making you find the right path for creativity.
  • TemplateMonster. Here you can get all kinds of templates for various platforms. WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, you name it! And besides all that, this is a great place to get different ideas on how to organize your website content. 
  • DesignerMill. This is a relatively recent addition but it’s another very valuable resource for designers. It carefully collects all the design freebies from around the world, so it acts more like a digital giveaway aggregator.

Browsing Design Resources Can Bring You Lots of Inspiration

Looking for website inspiration? Take some time to browse the web design resources featured here. If something catches your eye, see how you can incorporate it into your website design project. With this multitude of inspiration sources, you’ll quickly come up with great ideas.

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