Using Google Chrome, but Privately!

One of the most popular internet browsers in the market right now is Google Chrome. And there are many reasons why Google Chrome is so widely preferred as compared to the rest of the browsers that are available. Now, there might be times when you want to surf the net, but privately. In such cases, there are certain ways that you can adopt to obtain utmost privacy. And here they are-

The Incognito mode:

This is one of the most useful applications of the Google Chrome browser. Whenever you want to browse the web in private, and want to maintain a stealth mode, this is the ideal and the easiest way to go about it. What happens is that when you open an Incognito window in Google Chrome, the web pages that you open, and all the files that you download are not recorded in the History of the browser, and nor will you find any trace of them in the Downloads directory. Any new cookies that might have been enabled while in the Incognito mode will be deleted instantly, when you exit. But fortunately, any changes to passwords and bookmarks are saved in the Incognito mode, so no worries there.

Using TrueCrypt:

You can secure your profile in Google Chrome in three very easy steps if you can use TrueCrypt. This is an open-source tool for disk encryption. The first step is creating a volume file with TrueCrypt. This is just a password encrypted file which is really very large. This volume can be mounted as a disk drive, and you can use it just like a disk, creating and deleting files, manipulating directories, etc. The only difference is, this file is highly encrypted, and without the password, you cannot use any of its contents. Now what you do is, you move your Google Chrome profile to this volume file. So in this way, whatever you do on Google Chrome using your profile will be highly safe and secure and away from unwanted attention.

Sign out when you are done:

More often than not, we forget to sign out of our Google Chrome accounts when we leave our computers. Now logging out may seem very simple indeed, and might come across as not really being that important, but truth be told, this can really help you to keep all your browsing history on Google Chrome private. This is a very simple and easy step, and it would really serve you well if you can manage to remember to log out after using your Google Chrome profile every time.

Hiding your IP address:

If you don’t want Google to see your IP address, then also there are a few ways that you can easily adopt. You can use applications such as Anonymizer and Tor to keep your IP address hidden. When you use Anonymizer, it keeps your IP address hidden very well, and as a result, all your internet activity will be kept unknown, no matter what kind of network you are using, or where you are using it from. On the other hand, Tor helps to prevent network surveillance of any sort, and you can easily do whatever you want on Google Chrome, and all your browsing data will be kept well hidden and private.

Web history settings:

You can tweak the web history settings, and make sure that when you log out, all your browsing history is erased. Basically, you can adjust the amount of information that Google collects when you are online. If you set a limit, you can ensure that none of your browsing data is kept there on Google forever! By controlling the amount of information that Google collects about your online activities, you can ensure that you don’t have to go incognito every time, and upon exit, every bit of your browsing data is instantly deleted.

Using VPNs:

You can also use VPNs to keep your browsing history safe when you are using Google Chrome. What VPNs basically do is that, they provide you with an IP address of their own, so that when you browse, that IP address is shown, and your true IP address is absolutely hidden. So, no matter what, your real internet activity will always remain private when you use a VPN.

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